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Namak Issk Ka 25th May 2021 Written Update Yug blames Kahani

Namak Issk Ka 24th May 2021 Written Update: Saroj talks about the division of the house.
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Namak Issk Ka 25th May 2021 Written Update Yug blames Kahani

Namak Issk Ka The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Saroj telling Kahani if she cries like this she won’t feel good. Saroj tells to be honest she came here to thank Kahani. Kahani tells what are you telling mother? Saroj tells she is seeing someone fulfil her promise for the first time. Kahani tells Saroj not to worry she will handle Yug. Yug tells Saroj to go outside,he wants to talk in alone with Kahani. Kahani tells nothing is better than everyone living together with love but don’t you remember what Iravati did with us. Yug tells every family has problems but division is not a solution. Yug tells Iravati will take some time,think from her prespective how difficult is it for her to see us together everyday. Kahani tells think about Gunjan will she ever be happy seeing us like this?

Yug tells Iravati is an important part of this family and Saroj will have to change her decision. Kahani tells no one in this family respects me. Yug tells if he agrees to Kahani now his family will break. Kahani tells Saroj wants division and she will support her. Yug tells he will explain to Saroj. Saroj tells Yug if he cannot support her no need to talk with her and leaves from there.

Iravati asks Saroj what are we going to do next? Saroj tells now we have to plant a doubt in Yug’s mind for Kahani. Kahani asks Ravikant is he upset with her? Kahani tells Saroj knows Iravati and if Saroj thinks division is a solution to all problems maybe Saroj is right. Kahani tells Saroj wants this division that is why she is supporting her. Kahani tells if Gunjan stays away from Yug maybe she will move forward in her life. Kahani tells she will come to meet Ravikant as she has to find about her parents.

Juhi tells this is not Saroj’s decision but someone else’s. Yug taunts Kahani to feed Saroj anyways she is listening to you nowadays. Saroj tells Kahani she won’t eat food as this is the only way. Saroj tells she won’t die if she doesn’t eat for a day. Saroj tells she is doing all this for Kahani and Yug’s happiness. Kahani tells Saroj did not food and now even she won’t eat. Yug asks Kahani why is she doing all this. Yug is about to slap Kahani but he stops himself. Kahani tells your wife and mother wants something from you and you should listen to them.

Grandmother tells Kahani to continue her plan of division. Kahani tells her she only wants her blessings in return. Yug tells Saroj to eat a little. Saroj tells she will die but she won’t eat. Raunak tells he will support Saroj. Yug starts eating ice-cream. Kahani tells Yug’s health will detoiriate if he eats ice-cream and she tries to stop Yug. The episode ends with Saroj telling the next step of her plan to Iravati.

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