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Namak Issk Ka 26th May 2021 Written Update Saroj reveals her plan

Namak Issk Ka 24th May 2021 Written Update: Saroj talks about the division of the house.
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Namak Issk Ka 26th May 2021 Written Update Saroj reveals her plan

Namak Issk Ka The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode begins with Saroj calling Kahani. Everyone rushes to her room. Kahani tries to give her medicine but Saroj doesn’t take medicine. Saroj tells let me show my son she is his mother in stubbornness. Iravati brings juice for Saroj and tells she is ready for partition. Iravati brings medicine for Saroj and Saroj eats it. Iravati tells Saroj to eat food now. Iravati tells Kahani you are a player,you defeated my entire family in just two days and congratulates her. Iravati fakes being emotional and tells tomorrow morning lawyer will come and everything will be over. Yug looks angrily at Kahani. Ravikant calls Kahani near him and shows her he doesn’t want partition.

Kahani tells even she doesn’t want partition but Saroj wants it but she will do it for everyone’s happiness. Iravati tells Kahani it is your greatness that you are keeping us all alive. Kahani tell she knows Iravati very well and soon everyone will find out too. Yug tells Ravikant tomorrow his house will break and he cannot understand what to do. Iravati tells Yug to get used to staying away,his tears will dry one day. Yug tells my father did wrong with me,my mother but he did one good thing by uniting these two families and creating this house. Yug tells whenever he thinks about his father he is angry but when he looks at his family he is glad.

Iravati tells Yug to tell all this to his mother and wife. Saroj thinks she and Yug have to bear this pain to get rid of Kahani. Saroj tells Ravikant she had no other option. Lawyer hands the paper of partition and tells within two days one family will have to vacate the house. Iravati tells she will vacate the house and tells Gunjan to begin packing. Raunak and Grandmother are glad. Saroj tells all this is happening for my daughter-in-law. Yug asks you want to break your family for Kahani? Saroj tells Yug and Kahani are family now.

Saroj tells this paper has decided the future of this house. Yug tells Kahani you said we will handle everything together but you single handedly broke my family. Yug tells today even my soul broke in two pieces. Yug tells Rupa told me marriage is lifetime promise but when he will be incomplete maybe he won’t be able to keep his promise and leaves from there. Rupa blames Kahani for the partition. Saroj tells Yug is angry and she knows what to do next. Saroj tells today she will give her prepare Kahani like a bride today and Yug will come and talk to you.

Saroj thanks Kahani for helping her. Gunjan tells Iravati you promised me that Yug will be mine. Saroj tells Gunjan you are going to be this family’s daughter-in-law and she won’t go anywhere. Iravati tells she promised Gunjan but Saroj is helping me. Saroj tells all that is happening is her and Iravati’s plan. Gunjan is glad to know all this.

Kahani is dressed beautifully. Saroj tells Kahani if husband’s anger is fire,wife’s beauty is water. Saroj tells she kept these bangles for her most able daughter-in-law. Kahani tells you should give these bangles to Rupa bhabhi. Saroj tells only you came forward when she needed it the most so keep it as her blessing. Raunak tells he is glad now and he will spend money like water. Rupa tells Raunak you gave me a lot of pain and everyday he does something she thanks that she will stay alone. The episode ends with Raunak telling Rupa if you want to stay in this house stay as he says or pack her luggage and leave with Iravati and Gunjan.

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