Namak Issk Ka 28th May 2021 Written Update Iravati Gunjan leave house

Namak Issk Ka 28th May 2021 Written Update Iravati Gunjan leave house

Namak Issk Ka 24th May 2021 Written Update Saroj talks

Namak Issk Ka The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Yug telling his anger was wrong but his reason was not wrong. Yug tells Kahani to trust him like Saroj accepted her even Iravati will accept her. Yug tells he is guilty for what happened to Gunjan and he wishes to help Gunjan in settling in life to reduce his life. Yug tells Kahani to support him. Kahani tells you should understand in todays world seperation of family is normal. Kahani tells attacking family members is not normal in any family. Kahani tells now Iravati is a threat for all of us and we should eliminate the threat. Juhi tells Kahani since all this years Iravati used to love us all but since you came Iravati has become a threat for all of us.

Yug tells Kahani to trust him. Yug calls Iravati. Raunka and Grandmother try to stop Yug. Yug tells Iravati he will talk with Saroj, she doesn’t have to leave the house. Iravati tells Kahani has hurt her self-respect and she cannot stay in this house. Yug tells Rupa to bring the papers of partition. Saroj tells Kahani that Yug has told Iravati that she won’t leave this house. Saroj tells Kahani she wants Yug and Kahani to be happy. Saroj acts in front of Kahani and tells she will tell the truth to Yug and if that breaks her relation with Yug she will accept it. Saroj tells she will die if Iravati doesn’t leave this house.

Yug gives Kahani the paper of partition and tells her to tear the papers and tell Iravati to stay in this house. Kahani tells Yug to listen to her. Yug tells Kahani to decide till morning,he tells nothing will remain the same if she does not stop Iravati. Kahani tells she cannot bear if Yug or Saroj is hurt by Iravati. Yug tells he is afraid if their love will get sacricfied in front of Kahani’s stubborness.

Yug tells Ravikant he will pray to God to give him the power to bear the pain. Ravikant offers to wipe Kahani’s tears. Kahani tells she is alone here so everyone scolds her. Kahani tells even she is crying but their is no one to wipe her tears. Ravikant thinks to tell her that her father is sitting in front of her. Kahani tells Ravikant to tell her about her parents. Ravikant leaves from there without telling anything. Ravikant thinks he will tell truth to the entire world.

Iravati tells Gunjan to keep playinga and it will definitely break Yug and Kahani’s relation. Juhi tells Yug that Iravati and Gunjan will stay if Kahani tells them to stay. Rupa tells Yug to talk with Kahani. Grandmother tells Yug to accept his mother and wife’s decision. Yug tells where will Gunjan and Iravati go? Gunjan tells anywhere but she won’t stay here. Gunjan tells Yug do you remember when we were kids we prayed to God that we will always be together but now we won’t meet again. Iravati tells after tommorow you won’t ever see Gunjan again. The episode ends with Iravati crying and telling Rupa tommorow we all will get seperated because of Kahani.

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