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Namak Issk Ka 7th June 2021 Written Update Raunak to take revenge

Namak Issk Ka 7th June 2021 Written Update Raunak to take revenge

Namak Issk Ka The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.Namak Issk Ka 7th June 2021 Written Update.

The episode started with Kahani finding pictures of her sister Satya. Kahani gets emotional looking at her. Kahani tells she will never forgive Iravati,she tells Iravati destroyed her family but now She won’t leave Iravati. Kahani finds a letter from Nishikant too in the briefcase. Raunak comes home and Saroj does his aarti. Grandmother is glad that Raunak is back. Rupa tells Saroj now Raunak is back so when will Kahani return? Saroj tells Rupa Kahani did not fulfill the condition,you brought Raunak home.

Kahani reads Nishikant’s letter telling Ravikant that Iravati is selfish and she will take you away from your family. Nishikant tells Kahani,Satya and their mother Meera are also members of the family. Nishikant writes Ravikant to make arrangements for Kahani and her family to leave comfortably and tells Bheesan to prepare property papers on Kahani’s name only. Kahani thinks she was right Nishikant was a good man and definitely Iravati did something to him. Kahani thinks Nishikant cannot turn away from his responsibilities. Kahani thinks she has to tell and show everything to Yug. Kahani decides to tells Yug his father was not wrong.

Raunak thinks Kahani did not do the right thing by sending him to jail. Iravati instigates Raunak against Kahani and tells him to snatch Kahani’s happiness from her. Raunak tells he has called Kahani to meet and she thinks Rupa wants to meet her. Raunak tells he is getting insulted everywhere. Saroj tells Raunak not to shout at her. Raunak tells when madness increases it is necessary to bring the madness out. Iravati tells Raunak to compose himself. Raunak tells Saroj not to come in his way now. Saroj tells she won’t stop Raunak and now and tells him to do whatever he wants.

Ravikant tells Bheesan that Iravati can harm his wife so why did you ask proof from her. Bheesan tells Ravikant to gather courage and tells him to finish what he started. Ravikant tells the truth is he cannot do anything. Bheesan tells it was better if Kahani never found out about her father. Rupa asks Yug if he is feeling better? Yug asks where is Kahani?Rupa tells Raunak is wrong back home so Kahani will also return now.

Kahani comes to meet Rupa with the evidence against Iravati. Kahani thinks she will give the evidence to Rupa for showing it to Yug. Kahani calls Saroj and tells her you always believed in your husband and you were right. Raunak comes there and snatches Kahani’s phone. Saroj tried calling Kahani but remembers Raunak’s threat. Saroj looks at her mangalsutra and thinks what does Kahani know about Nishikant. Yug asks Saroj if she is fine? Yug tells Raunak is back now so why didn’t you call Kahani?

Iravati shows Ravikant and Bheesan picture of Kahani with the lady. Ravikant gets emotional on finding out Meera and Satya are alive. Bheesan gives property paper to Iravati. The episode ends with Ravikant falling unconscious and spilling ink on the property papers.Namak Issk Ka 7th June 2021 Written Update.

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