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Namak Issk Ka 7th June 2021 Written Update Yug Kahani on a date

Namak Issk Ka 11th May 2021 Written Update: Kahani to take a shocking decision.
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Namak Issk Ka 7th June 2021 Written Update Yug Kahani on a date

Namak Issk Ka The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode begins with Yug thinking this time he cannot help her and she has to make peace with her past or everything will be ruined. Kahani thinks she searched for her parents her entire life and today when she found the truth everyone wants to turn her away from it. Kahani tells now she will show the world that she was not wrong but her father was wrong. Raunak tells Yug you are a good player so he came to thank him. Yug tells Raunak to stay away from Kahani. Rupa tells Raunak cannot do anything he is only good at talking. Raunak tells Rupa help me solve a riddle, he tells if he is bad than Rupa’s father is the worst.

Iravati tells our plan will be successful only if Yug stays firm on his decision. Saroj tells this means we have to keep standing in between Yug and Kahani. Iravati starts crying and tells my husband spent so much time ill and now he has to go to prison. Juhi tells Kahani is doing all this just for attention and she will withdraw the case. Yug tells he believes Kahani will withdraw the case. Saroj tells we have to wait till Monday. Gunjan tells Iravati not to cry or she will get ill.

Rupa tells Iravati if she breaks like this who will handle her and Gunjan. Iravati thinks about pushing Ravikant’s car from the cliff and what he will tell the police. Iravati tell Ravikant might be hungry so she will make halwa for her. Rupa tell if you withdraw the case she will help her get her rights. Kahani tells in a lady’s life two people are most important her father and her husband and both of them left her.

Iravati comes to meet Ravikant in prison. Ravikant tells Iravati because of you he was paralyzed for years,how could she hate him so much? Iravati tells she just tried to bring him on the right path. Ravikant tells he will bring the lie she told about Nishikant in front of everyone.

Iravati tells only she knows where is Kahani’s mother and sister and if he keeps listening to her she will tell him. Yug thinks Kahani is very angry how to convince her and he tells her to come in balcony. Yug tells Kahani she looks beautiful in maroon color. Yug makes pasta and thinks today he will feed his wife with his own hand. Kahani thinks Yug loves her so much he will definitely understand her.

Kahani dresses beautifully in a maroon dress and calls Yug. Yug has set up a date for her. Oo Sajanva plays in BM as Kahani and Yug stare at each other. Yug hold Kahani’s hand and brings her to the dinner table. Yug feeds pasta to Kahani and asks how is it? Kahani tells salt is less and it is spicy but your love has made it perfect. Yug feeds Kahani and tells her he loves her a lot. Yug tells she will punish his family too in what she is doing. Kahani tells now he is not her but only his family’s. Yug tells he wants to keep both his family and Kahani together. Kahani tells Ravikant is in your family and she cannot accept that. The episode ends with Kahani thanking Yug for everything he has done for her.

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