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Namak Issk Ka 8th June 2021 Written Update Yug marry Gunjan?

Namak Issk Ka 11th May 2021 Written Update: Kahani to take a shocking decision.
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Namak Issk Ka 8th June 2021 Written Update Yug marry Gunjan?

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The episode started with Saroj asking Iravati if Ravikant is okay? Iravati tells it is better if Ravikant stays in prison till Yug marries Gunjan because if Kahani and Yug reunite they will send us out of the house. Iravati tells Kahani is stubborn and Yug will stay angry so he will marry Gunjan. Gunjan tells Kahani you are like a chameleon to me who keeps changing her color every second. Gunjan tells Kahani don’t you want justice for your mother or did you realize your mother is characterless like you? Kahani is about to slap Gunjan but Rupa stops her. Rupa tells she thinks Kahani won’t withdraw the case.

Saroj asks Yug if he talked with Kahani. Yug tells when father left us we had you to take care of us but when Kahani’s father left her she had no one so maybe she is right. Saroj tells one day Kahani will forget everything and forgive Ravikant. Kahani tells she knows Yug loves her a lot and he can never think about anyone else and no one can seperate her. Iravati tells once Yug and Kahani are seperated she will show Ravikant his true place.

Yug wishes Kahani Good Morning. Kahani tells lawyer is going to come now. Raunak tells she is very stubborn and even after your saying she is not withdrawing the case. Saroj tells Kahani so you have called the lawyer. Rupa tells Kahani won’t understand. Iravati thinks Kahani stays firm on her decision till tomorrow. Lawyer tells he wished to inform the media,if the story is spread we will get the public opinion on our side.

Iravati tells Yug see what your wife is doing. Yug tells the lawyer not to give such advice to Kahani. Kahani tells even you took your lawyer’s advice and tells the lawyer to do whatever he seems is right. Yug tells everyone to start marriage preparations. Saroj tells Kahani you are ruining your own house with your own hand. Kahani thinks Yug will never marry Gunjan.

Yug tells Gunjan this all is a drama to scare Kahani. Gunjan tells she knows and we have to make Kahani believe this all is not just a drama. Kahani prays to God and tells no one is supporting her and asks God to show her the right way. A mental patient comes running and the staff nurse tells she became like this when she got seperated from her kids.

Kahani thinks even her mother might be in this condition because of Ravikant so she will stay firm on her decision. Iravati tells Rupa to bring haldi. Iravati tells Kahani doesn’t care if Yug is with her or Gunjan. Gunjan and Yug come home after shopping for marriage. Gunjan shows her dresses to Juhi.

Rupa brings haldi. Yug tells what is the need of haldi he will directly marry. Kahani thinks Yug is drowned in her love he won’t marry. Neighbours come and tells Saroj to watch TV. Tv shows news of Kahani’s accusations on Ravikant. The episode ends with Yug telling to start the preparations for Haldi.

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