New character Luna will come in Free Fire Max this month, know its specialty


Pets and characters matter a lot in Free Fire MAX. With the help of their ability, it becomes easy for the players to win the game. The game developer introduced two new characters — Iris and J.Biebs — in the Free Fire MAX OB35 version, and it now plans to introduce two new characters, including a new pet, with the game’s next update. Also Read – Free Fire MAX Redeem Code for today 8 September: Redeem this Free Fire MAX Code immediately, get many rewards including skin

We’ve already told you about the upcoming character Tatsuya in Free Fire MAX OB36 and the new pet Lupino (Wolf). Now a new news claims that a new character named Luna will also be added in the new version of the game. Let us know about it in detail. Also Read – Free Fire MAX OB36 will come with a new Pet Lupino, know its specialty

Free Fire MAX: Luna Characters

The new OB36 update is coming to Free Fire MAX this month. This new version will get a lot of new content, including many changes, including new characters and pets. According to the reports so far, a new Tatsuya character and Lupino (Wolf) pet will be added to the game. Now according to a new news, a character named Luna will also be added to this new version of the game. Also Read – Free Fire MAX has a great offer, get many rewards including bundles at half price

Luna’s skill will be named Fight or Run. This will be a passive ability, which can increase the shooting speed along with the mobility speed of the player. An increase in shooting speed means an increase in the fire rate of the gun. According to the news, this skill will increase the weapon fire rate by 12.5 percent. When an enemy is hit by a bullet, 10% of the fire rate will be converted into movement speed. This skill will reset after the combat is over.

The Lupino Pet is present in the Free Fire MAX OB36 Advance Server. In September, this version will come to the game’s stable app. According to the information received so far, Lupino’s skill can increase the player’s EP or HP points. Whenever one of the player’s teammates is knocked down, Lupino will increase his owner’s EP points. If HP is not max then first HP will be full, after which EP points will be given.

The account on Instagram has shared a leak about the upcoming character Tatsuya in the game. According to this, the skill of this new character in Free Fire MAX will be named – Rebel Shot. This ability gives you the power to run at high speed.

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