Nokia XR20 Industrial Edition launched, the specialty of the phone is its strength


Nokia XR20 Industrial Edition: Finland’s HMD Global has launched a new Nokia branded smartphone that focuses on strength. The name of this device is Nokia XR20 Industrial Edition. This is an enhanced version of the Nokia XR20 rugged smartphone that the company launched in July last year. HMD Global also introduced another rugged device — the Nokia Industrial 5G field router — with this phone. It removes the connectivity problem in the unwanted environment. Let us know about these two devices in detail.

Nokia XR20 Industrial Edition

HMD Global, the licensee of the Nokia brand, has launched the Nokia XR20 Industrial Edition smartphone. It is a rugged device that has almost all the features found in an iron-lattice device. This phone is equipped with ATEX, IECEx, NEC500, and UL certifications.

These certifications are not only about the use of the smartphone in the outdoor environment or in certain conditions, but they also provide information about the device’s strength and ability to use in areas where chemicals are present in burning or Then an explosion is possible.

The company says that the new Nokia XR20 Industrial Edition can be used even on difficult construction sites. These include remote oil drilling platforms, chemical processing factories, dusty mines, or other hazardous areas. HMD Global said that workers can interact with each other through the push-to-talk feature of this smartphone and make video calls through apps like Nokia Team Comms or Group Communications.

As far as the Nokia Industrial 5G field router is concerned, it eliminates connectivity issues associated with outdated industrial equipment and allows access to private wireless networks. It can be used in mines, ports, factories, and other similar complex environment.

HMD Global is yet to reveal the pricing of the Nokia XR20 Industrial Edition and the Nokia Industrial 5G field router. The company has not yet revealed the sale date of this phone. But it is expected that the company will sell both these devices only in select markets.

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