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Pandian Stores 24th May 2021 Written Update

पांडियन स्टोर्स 12 अप्रैल 2021 को लिखित अपडेट: मुल्ला और मीना का झगड़ा
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Pandian Stores 24th May 2021 Written Update

Pandian Stores The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Meena questions Jeeva doesn’t he pushed the car all the way? Mulla asks Meena to stop provoking him. Meena complaints that her blood is boiling like Dhanam too. Moorthy asks them to stop arguing now its their mistake to buy the car believing that dealer words. He assures to them he will return the car and get back the amount. Then he will buy new car in that money. Dhanam asks Moorthy stop thinking to buy another car. Mooorthy takes Jeeva out to meet the dealer. Dhanam feels bad for lossing 5 laksh.

Dealer questions Moorthy how come car stopped in middle? It’s in good condition only. Jeeva complaints that he brought this car believing his words. It’s break down in middle they pushed it all the way. Moorthy asks the dealer to return the money. Dealer says to him he can’t able to return the money if they need he WI repair it for them. Kathir complaints that all mechanic are mocking them for buying this car.

Jeeva questions him doesn’t he cheat them then why don’t he return the money to them. Kathir lashes out at him for cheating him. Dealer complaints that he is trying to beat him he is dealing this work all these years. Jeeva complaints that its their first car. They took their family in that car but it’s stopped in middle. Dealer says to him that he will repair it for them but can’t able to return the money. Jeeva says that Kathir already warned him but they didn’t believe him. Dealer confess to him that it’s a repaired car only. He won’t return the money. If they have dare then take back their money from him.

Jeeva gets angry on him. Moorthy explains to the dealer that they earned that money after working so much. It’s the honest money they gave it to him believing him. Dealer threatens them. Jeeva and Kathir gets angry on them. Dealer again talks rubbish with them. Jeeva starts beating him. Dealer agrees to return the money. Moorthy asks him to return the money in one hour.

Meena says to Dhanam that they can’t able to show their face out. Its such a great shame to their family. Dhanam fears dealer won’t return the money. Mulla supports them. Dhanam says that she informed this to her brother. Meena says she informed it to her parents too. Not only this she even informed this to Malli too. Prasanth questions Dhanam why are they standing inside the home instead of roaming around in car.

Malli teases them for driving old car. Prasanth is teasing them along with Malli. Mulla says it’s a small matter. Mall teases them that all peoples are talking about their matters how did they pushed car in village. Prasanth complaints that they can only buy mini car in 5 lakh. Prasanth questions them why didn’t they think about it all. Malli questions them why don’t they buy bike instead of car.

Mulla scolds Malli for teasing them. Prasanth asks them to show the restroom. Mall teases them that they don’t know what is restroom. Dhanam and Mulla are upset with them. Jeeva and Moorthy comes back to house. Meena complaints that they lost both car and money too. Moorthy informs to all that they got the money. He asks Dhanam to count the amount. Dhanam questions him Is he really return the money or he brought it back? Jeeva narrates all the incident to them. Moorthy asks Dhanam to believe him. Kathir informs to all let’s buy super car in this money. Everyone stares him shocked.

Episode end.

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