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Pandian Stores 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update

Pandian Stores 6th July 2021 Written Update: Meena lashes out at Jeeva
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Pandian Stores 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update

Pandian Stores The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.Pandian Stores 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update.

The episode starts with Kannan questions Jeeva doesn’t bed will be dirt while taking delivery in it. Jeeva says to him they can remove the bed while taking delivery. Meena gets irritate to hear it and goes inside.  She thinks how will she travel in it. Moorthy questions Kannan Is he can travel in it comfortable. Kannan gets inside it and shows a demo to him how to travel in it.

Dhanam and Moorthy praises it. Kathir says to Mullai that Jeeva tried hard to decorate it why don’t she praise it he will feel sad! Mullai appreciates Jeeva’s decorations. Dhanam wishes to take dhrishti of it. Jeeva leaves to take bath. Dhanam praises Jeeva. Kathir says to her let’s go out in that vehicle.

Dhanam says to him its an good idea. Mullai and Moorthy says they have work. Kathie says let’s go out for 30 minutes Jeeva will feel bad if they take delivery things on it first. Moorthy says let’s take break fast out side. Dhanam says they don’t need to buy food from outside let’s make it as a picnic. Moorthy agrees to her idea.  Jeeva comes back Moorthy says to him let’s go a round in that truck. Jeeva nods.

Dhanam calls Meena to go out. Meena says it’s so surprising to hear this news. Dhanam says that let’s go a round in that truck. Meena complaints that they took her out last time and ended up pushing the car on road. She can’t able to travel in that truck what will people think about her. Dhanam says to her that she don’t need to mind others. Jeeva asks Meena to stop over reacting and gets ready. Dhanam leaves to inform about the trip to her mother in law. Jeeva pleads with Meena to accompany him.

She complaints that they brought the truck for delivery purpose now he is asking them to travel in it. Kathir questions Mullai Is she comfortable to travel in it. She says to her that all are going in it then why would it bother her? All are travelling in the truck. Moorthy praises the scenery and climate. Meena is keep complaining for small small things. Dhanam asks her to stop thinking about others we are living for their own happiness. Kannan starts singing there. Moorthy praises him. 

Moorthy opens up with Meena and Mullai that he knew well they are not interested to travel in this truck. He shares to them that he decided to buy car but he is lack of money. He can able to buy this only with the amount. He scares to take loan from bank it will be shame if he can’t able to return the money on time. Moorthy says to her that Kayal is growing up and Dhanam’s baby gonna come soon. He might buy good clothes for them. He needs to give good education and jewels to them. Nothing to worry after his business developed he will definitely buy a car for them. Meena nods to them.

They stops the truck and starts taking break fast in outside. Meena and Mullai shards their happiness to them. Moorthy advises to them money won’t give happiness but the love for the family. Moorthy enquires about Kayal. He shares to them he is always thinking about Kayal. Dhanam questions Moorthy why is he here in this time? He tells her that Jaga asked him to meet him here. Jaga comes there along with Kasthoori and his mom. They greets them and enquires about their well about.  Dhanam complaints to him that he is not meeting her often. Jaga shares to him about Dhanam’s baby shower function.Pandian Stores 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update.

Episode end.

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