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Pandya Store 10th September 2021 Written Update: Raavi reaches the pot and breaks it first

Pandya Store 10th September 2021 Written Update Raavi reaches the pot and breaks it first
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Pandya Store 10th September 2021 Written Update: Raavi reaches the pot and breaks it first: Pandya Store The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the upcoming drama Gautam bringing lemon water for Dhara. Dhara says that she knows he’s excited about her pregnancy, but what people will say about seeing her drinking lemon water alone. Gautam says that they will think that Gautam loves Dhara so much and asks her to drink it, so she can feel better. Dhara says that her mood got spoiled due to Raavi. Shiva and Raavi’s team play Dahi-Handi. They try to reach the pot.

Gautam says that Raavi performed the puja with them and this is God’s sign that everything will be fine. Dhara gets angry and says that she’s wrong. Gautam denies it and says that he read on the internet during pregnancy woman gets mood swings. Dhara tells Gautam to not read such things on the internet. He agrees and gives her the lemon water. Suman calls Dhara and tells her to not take tension about Shiva and Raavi. Dhara agrees.

Pandya Store 10th September 2021 Written Update Raavi reaches the pot and breaks it first

Pandya Store 10th September 2021 Written Update

Prafulla supports Raavi while Suman supports Shiva. They argue. Krish cheers for Raavi. Suman calls Krish and slaps him for supporting Raavi. Dev supports Raavi. Rishita says that Raavi misbehaved with her, so she shouldn’t win. Dev says then definitely Raavi should win. He leaves. Rishita says what type of husband he’s, Shiva should win. She cheers for Shiva. Dev and Krish pour water on Shiva supporting Raavi. Rishita takes the water pipe from Dev’s hand and sprays the water on Raavi. Gautam also supports Raavi which angers Suman.

Suman complains that all her sons are supporting Raavi. Gautam says that Raavi should win then Shiva will get a realization. Shiva reaches the pot first. He looks back and sees his brothers cheering for Raavi. Raavi reaches the pot and breaks it first and wins the competition. Prafulla taunts Suman saying that Raavi broke the pot and also Shiva’s ego. Raavi and Shiva both fall. They stare at each other. They compose themselves and get up.

Gautam says to Dhara he will be back in a while and leaves. Raavi sees that Dhara gets pushed and shouts to Shiva to hold her. Gautam shouts Dhara. The brothers hold Dhara in time. Suman shouts that nothing should happen to Dhara or her baby. Raavi gets shocked hearing this. Gautam asks Dhara if she’s fine. Dhara hugs Suman and cries. Suman comforts her. Prafulla and Anita look shocked too. Suman tells her son to take Dhara to the doctor. Raavi realizes that the other day family was celebrating Dhara’s pregnancy and regrets her actions.

Raavi goes to Dhara and hugs her, but Dhara pushes her away. Raavi asks Dhara why she didn’t give her the good news. Rishita says that Raavi wasn’t ready to listen to anyone. Dhara says that she has come to explain, but she didn’t listen to her, she burned the lehenga brought by Gautam. They are bad in her eyes and why she would hear the good news of bad people. Dhara tells Raavi to do whatever she wants with her life and leave them alone. She doesn’t have a big heart to tolerate all her mistakes. Shiva says that Raavi doesn’t care about their happiness or sorrow.

Pandya Store 10th September 2021 Written Update

Prafulla warns Shiva to not speak like this with Raavi. Suman says that they don’t need Raavi or Prafulla in their house’s good news. Suman says that they will think that Raavi burned their relationship and brought that ashes in the pot. There’s no relationship between them. Shiva says that they can play dhol now as everyone got to know about Dhara’s pregnancy. Shiva gets the dhol. He plays it and the brothers dance. Raavi feels bad.

Dhara feels anxious, so Gautam takes her home. Raavi recalls Dhara’s words when she has come to give the lehenga and cries. Pandya’s family comes back home. Gautam wants to call the doctor. Rishita says that it’s happening due to hormonal, it’s normal in pregnancy. Suman taunts Rishita and says that she knows better as she gave birth to four sons. Suman asks to get lemon water for Dhara. Gautam gets it. Dhara says that she’s not feeling well. Suman gets worried. Pandya Store 10th September 2021 Written Update.

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