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Pandya Store 11th October 2021 Written Update: Raavi warns Anita

Pandya Store 11th October 2021 Written Update
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Pandya Store 11th October 2021 Written Update: Pandya Store The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the upcoming drama Dev saying I couldn’t sleep all night. Gautam asks why. Dev teases him and smiles. He says this is the reason that I lost my sleep, the design of our new Pandya store. Gautam likes it. Dev says we will make it like a supermarket. Rishita gets sandwiches. She asks what are you seeing. Gautam shows the store design. She says it’s nice.

Gautam says Dev has created it. Dev gets a call. He says I had applied for a loan, it’s not approved. Rishita says it’s fine, I will talk to my company, they give loans to small companies. Dev says you won’t get a loan so soon. Gautam says you should be happy that she is helping us mail her the papers. He says Dev is mistaken, I will get this loan passed. She goes. Dev asks how will she do this, she doesn’t know about the application papers. Gautam asks him to let her try, she is also family now, you have to trust her.

Pandya Store 11th October 2021 Written Update

Pandya Store 11th October 2021 Written Update

He says I trust her a lot, tell me, why did you fall in love with her, because of her determination, right. Dev smiles. Gautam says you should not hurt her, go and say sorry to her. Krish gets ready for college. Raavi feeds him food. Shiva looks on. Krish says I got late. She says you won’t pass, you will go there and still fail. She gives him 100 rs and asks him to go by rickshaw. Shiva thinks Raavi is becoming like Dhara, she knows everything. Krish says I can’t enjoy in 100rs. Shiva laughs.

Raavi asks shall I loot a bank for your expenses, go. Krish thanks her and hugs her. He goes. She asks Shiva why was she hearing them. He asks why were you hearing mum and my talks. She says I have to go to the kitchen. He asks her to answer. She asks why did you refuse the second marriage. He asks her not to have any misunderstanding, he doesn’t want to marry again. She says find a nice girl this time, I will see who you get. He says fine, let the girl come, I will say yes for marriage. He goes.

Rishita gives the Pandya store application papers. The man says I will try to process this loan, papers are valid. Rishita thanks him. She says once it’s approved, I will give the good news to Gautam. Kamini comes to meet Rishita’s boss. She says you did good work, you can give her the money but minimum, you know what to do next. Kirti sees Krish on the road. She stops him. He recalls his arrest. He runs away. She stops him and asks what happened. He asks why are you coming after me, your dad had got me beaten up, forgive me. She says I m so sorry.

Anita talks friendly with Dhara. Dhara says this time, Gautam, me and you will dance together. Anita says I missed you a lot, thanks for returning the friendship. Dhara shows the lahenga to Raavi. Raavi says you can’t play Garba this year. Dhara says I forgot, Anita can play Garba with Gautam. Anita says yes, I will try to play perfect Garba, I m not playing to win against you. They laugh. Raavi worries. Kamini asks Kalyani to talk to Rishita. She hides. Rishita gets sweets and hugs Kalyani.

Pandya Store 11th October 2021 Written Update

She invites her home. Kalyani says you know the drama. Rishita says it was just a misunderstanding. Kalyani says fine, I will send Kirti there, our love will never get less for you. Anita sees Gautam’s pic and says he will be mine forever. She kisses the pic. Raavi comes and scolds her. She goes out. Anita asks her to stop. Raavi burns the pic. Anita tries to stop her and shouts. She takes a wooden ladle to hit Raavi. Raavi says beat me, your bad intentions will never succeed. Anita raises her hand on her. Raavi stops her. Anita scolds her and asks her not to try to become her mum.

They argue. Raavi says I don’t have a problem with your friendship, but these dirty intentions. Anita asks are you Dhara’s sister or Devrani, by what right are you saying this. Raavi says I will never let you make relation with Gautam. She goes. Dhara gets ready. She dances. Raavi gets tea. Anita comes. She gets a dress for Dhara. Dhara thanks her. Gautam comes. Dhara asks Anita where are you going, what’s the problem, won’t she play Garba with them. Anita says Dhara, Raavi has accused me. Dhara asks what happened. Suman comes. Anita says ask her, she thinks I want to trap Gautam. Everyone gets shocked. Pandya Store 11th October 2021 Written Update.

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