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Pandya Store 12th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 12th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Gautam and Dhara spending a romantic night while Dev and Rishita share a romantic moment. Shiva wakes up startled and looks at Raavi. He says if anything would’ve happened to Raavi today in the temple… He is about to touch her, Raavi moves. Shiva lays back and pretends to sleep. Raavi looks at Shiva and thanks him for saving her. She sleeps. Shiva opens his eyes and looks at her. Chand sifarish plays in the BG.

The next morning Shiva is sleeping. Raavi wonders how to express her gratitude to Shiva. She thinks of writing a thanks note first, but wonders whether he will notice it. She texts Shiva thank you. Shiva wakes up hearing his phone’s beep sound. He checks the message. Raavi tries to run away. He drags her making her sit on the bed and asks what it’s. He asks that he saved her and she sent a simple thank you. Raavi asks what else he wants. Shiva drags her close. He realizes their position and leaves saying he doesn’t want her thank you. Raavi thinks that Shiva will be the first person, who has problem with thank you.

Shiva bumps into prafula and he drops the sack and mangos fall. He puts back the mangos in the sack. Prafula helps him and taunts that his family made him a servant. Shiva notices Suman’s bangle in Prafula’s hand. He holds her hand and says that to not worry about his position, but she’s not the owner of this bangle and tries to remove it from her hand. Prafula opposes. Shiva stops on seeing Raavi. Prafula runs to Raavi.

Suman, Gautam and Dhara have a talk about the land. Gautam says that it’s difficult to maintain their land as it’s located out of the city and suggests selling it. Meanwhile Prafula complains to Raavi that Shiva is troubling her. Shiva warns Prafula and leaves. Prafula tells Raavi to leave Shiva. Raavi refuses and asks Prafula to stop fighting with Shiva.

Prafula says that Shiva can never change and he can’t be trusted, only his family matters for him. Raavi says that she wants to make her life’s decision by herself, she doesn’t want to repeat Anita’s mistake. She loves her lot, but at the same time she loves this family too. Raavi leaves. She notices a mango on the floor. She picks it up and goes to return it to Shiva.

Rishita asks Dev to give her money for doing shopping. Dev says that he doesn’t have money and will give her evening by getting it from Gautam. Rishita mutters why he needs to get the money from Gautam. Dev hears it and glares at her. Rishita cutely says him sorry. He leaves smiling. Rishita is overjoyed.

Suman asks Gautam what he will do with the money he will get by selling the land. Gautam says that Dad wanted to open Pandya store branches in the whole India and wants to fulfill it. Suman gets emotional that Gautam still remembers his dad’s dream. Dhara wants to call Dev, Shiva and krish to ask their opinion on this matter, but Suman says it’s not needed. Prafula overhears it and fumes in anger. She thinks how they can decide to sell the land when Raavi also has a share in that property and thinks of creating a scene about the same.

Raavi comes to Shiva and asks why he’s venting out his anger on the mangoes. Shiva asks if he should vent out his anger on her. Raavi says that this is what he have been doing since their childhood and asks what’s changed now. Shiva remains silent. Raavi’s hair strand gets stucked in Shiva’s shirt button. He removes it and leaves.

Prafula comes to Anita. She asks her to just nod to whatever she will say. She notices Rishita coming that way. She tells Anita loudly that Dhara and Gautam decided to sell the land and keep that money for their future. Rishita hears this.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rishita tells Dev to build a farmhouse in the part of his land. Dev agrees and says will talk to Gautam. Gautam tells the brothers about selling the land. Rishita hears this.

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