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Pandya Store 14th June 2021 Written Episode Update

पंड्या स्टोर 12 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित एपिसोड अपडेट - टेलली शो अपडेट
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Pandya Store 14th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Pandya Store 14th June 2021 Episode starts with Prafulla and Anita trying to fill Rishita’s ears against Gautam and Dhara. Rishita goes to her room. She says land is on Dev’s name also, how can they sell the land, I don’t know to believe Prafulla or not. Anita says Rishita won’t take your words seriously. Anita comes to Dhara and helps her. Dhara says I get happiness to work for the family, why are you upset. Anita says yes, you are lucky, Prafulla is upsetting me by getting useless alliances, you are my friend, our lives are incomplete, I didn’t get married and you didn’t get children, I can’t handle this incompleteness, don’t know how you handle it.

Dhara says Gautam is with me to handle things, come sit, Anita I can see your life is incomplete, but not mine, I have three children. Anita says our age is same, so I can share it with you, I didn’t wish to hurt you. Dhara says marriage doesn’t complete a woman, try to become independent, then your life’s sorrow will end. She hugs Dhara and says thanks, I will think about it. Gautam comes. Anita says I have to go, thanks for the idea. He goes.

Raavi asks Krish to have mangoes with chilli. He coughs. Shiva comes there. He sees Raavi smiling. Raavi asks what are you staring, will you eat the mangoes. Shiva says no, why are you eating the mangoes, who puts chilli in mangoes. She says its my way, who are you to ask me. He says you are living with me and asking me, you had chinese and felt its spicy, I helped you, this time don’t come to me. She says fine, I won’t come, you also have it too, its really tasty. He tastes the mango with chilli. He says its no match, like us. He goes.

Gautam asks what’s happening. Dhara says Anita came to share things. He says don’t get friendly with her, you know what she did 10 years back. She says she didn’t do anything wrong with us. He says some people have their nature to cheat, I m warning you. She says fine. Raavi says Shiva became bhootnath again, what shall I do now. I m also becoming a monkey being with him, I have to become the old Raavi now and think.

Dhara asks Gautam to get raw mangoes. He gets it. She asks why did you come. He says I forgot it because of Anita, I want to ask my brothers about the land. Dhara eats the mangoes. She says yes, they have grown up now. Raavi comes to Shiva and calls him hero. He says what happened to her now. She says you are cutting the wood so slowly. He asks will you cut it. She says yes. She tries to cut the wood. Rishita says Dev is foolish, we have a big land and he doesn’t think about it. Dev comes. She says its not fair, you didn’t tell me that we got the land gifted. He says sorry, I forgot.

She says I have a wish to make a farmhouse there, it will be our holiday home. Dev says we have a house and this haveli, why do we need a farmhouse. She says this haveli isn’t ours, we can go there on weekends, when our family gets expanded, we all can go there. Dev says its not a bad idea. She says its a mind blowing idea. Gautam says they will be happy, why are you eating mangoes, is there good news, shall I get pregnancy kit. Dhara laughs and says its all filmi things. He says it means its nothing like that. She says its not like that, but its not imp that it won’t happen. He kisses her and says love you. She asks him to go and give the good news to the children, about Pandya store branches. He says fine. Shiva says you have less strength. He gets a message from Gautam. He says why is Gautam calling me. He goes. Raavi says what happened to him.

Dev also gets Gautam’s message. Rishita says maybe he has some work. Dev says yes, I will come. She says I will also see. Anita sees Dhara coming. Dhara asks what happened. Anita asks her to have the kada, then she will get good news soon. She says Vaid ji gave me this remedy for your pregnancy. Dhara asks what’s this drama, I don’t need any kada, don’t do all this. Anita says I m your friend, its ten years of your marriage, you didn’t get any children, if there is any problem in you or Gautam. Dhara says enough, don’t make it an issue. She shouts on her and goes crying.

Dev says you called us suddenly, is everything fine. Gautam says let the other two come. Shiva and Krish come. Gautam says I need your advice, sit. Dev asks what advice. Rishita comes. Gautam says it was dad’s dream to open Pandya store branches in the entire country, I thought to sell the land and open a new store here. Dev, Shiva and Krish hug Gautam. Rishita thinks Prafulla was right, Gautam is going to sell the land, I will talk to Dev.

Telecast Date:14th June 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar

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