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Pandya Store 1st September 2021 Written Update: Dev cries on seeing Suman crying

Pandya Store 1st September 2021 Written Update Dev cries on seeing Suman crying
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Pandya Store 1st September 2021 Written Update: Dev cries on seeing Suman crying: Pandya Store The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist, now in the upcoming drama. Dev rebuking Rishita for not being able to take care of Suman. Rishita apologizes to Dev that she was having a video call interview. Dev says that Rishita should have prioritized Suman. Dev cries on seeing Suman crying hiding her face. Dhara says to Gautam that they need to go back home, she’s worried about Suman. Gautam says that Rishita is taking care of Suman.

Gautam spots a toy shop and takes Dhara there. They see some toys for their unborn baby. The shop owner asks how old is their kid. Dhara says that their kid will come in few months. The shop owner laughs and says to buy the toys after the birth of their child as these toys are for five years, old kids. Dhara drops the toy getting shocked. Gautam apologizes to the shop owner. Dhara takes Gautam apart and says the shop owner’s words seem like a bad omen and worries. Gautam reassures Dhara saying that God has blessed them and he doesn’t believe in all this.

Pandya Store 1st September 2021 Written Update Dev cries on seeing Suman crying

Pandya Store 1st September 2021 Written Update

Dev says that he will change her clothes. Suman tells to call Dhara. Dev says that she used to change his clothes when he was a kid. He’s her son and he can’t even do this for her. He gets up to take Suman. Rishita wants to help him, but he asks her to stay away. Rishita says that she hasn’t done it intentionally. Dev says that Rishita can’t fulfill the only responsibility given to her. Suman can’t meet his eyes because of Rishita, she should be ashamed of her actions. He leaves taking Suman.

Raavi is studying at her friend’s house. They hear a calling bell sound. Her friend tells Raavi to pay and collect the groceries. Raavi opens the door looking at her phone and gives the money asking to keep the remaining. Shiva turns around hearing Raavi’s voice. He hands the remaining money. Raavi looks up and sees Shiva. Dev pours water over Sudan’s head to clean her. Suman cries.

Rishita cries watching this. Shiva says that the Pandya family doesn’t take the free money, this is their policy. Shiva taunts Raavi saying he heard that she got married to the Pandya family yet she doesn’t know this. Raavi says there are no police that the delivery boy shouldn’t hold the customer’s hand. She reminds them that they don’t share any relationship anymore. Shiva angrily walks away getting.

Dev puts clothes around Suman. Rishita brings clothes and says that she will change her clothes. Dev throws those clothes on the floor and says that he will do it by himself. Dev hands the clothes on Suman’s hand and comes apart. Suman shouts crying. Raavi sees that Shiva walking taking a heavy sack. He stops an auto and negotiates the rate. Shiva shouts at the auto driver when he asks for extra charges for the sack. Raavi sees and gets concerned for Shiva. She hides when Shiva turns to her side. However, Shiva notices Raavi’s clothes. He leaves.

Pandya Store 1st September 2021 Written Update

Dev puts Suman on the swing and combs Suman’s hair. Rishita apologizes to Suman. Dev tells Rishita to leave before he loses his cool. Anita comes to Pandya’s house and stops at the doorstep hearing Dev. Dev says that Suman wouldn’t have gone through this if Raavi was there. Suman says that it would have happened the same, but it never happened when Dhara was there. Gautam and Dhara reach home. Gautam says to Dhara that she won’t take any stress. He leaves for the shop while Dhara goes inside the house.

Dhara asks Anit why she’s standing here. Anita says that she doesn’t have to go inside on seeing Suman’s condition. Dhara says that she left the home after making Suman ready and asks Dev why he’s combing her hair. Suman throws the comb towards Dhara and says that she realized that she’s handicapped. Dhara looks shocked.

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