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Pandya Store 29th September 2021 Written Update: Raavi calls Shiva


Pandya Store 29th September 2021 Written Update: Pandya Store The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the upcoming drama Raavi calling Krish. He says let me talk to my family once. He tells Inspector about Dhara and his brothers. He argues with the inspector. Inspector gets angry and takes him aside to beat him. Suman says Janardhan will think a lot before touching my tiger Shiva, call him. Raavi calls Shiva. She says he isn’t answering.

Gautam says Dev didn’t come till now. Shiva answers. He says she is eager to go to court, else she won’t get a divorce. Raavi cries. Shiva worries. He asks why are you crying. She says I m calling for much time, we are so worried. Gautam asks what happened. Shiva asks don’t you want to go to the court. She says we can’t go. Dev asks Shiva to go home and talk to Raavi, but scooty is not running well. Shiva asks what’s in your heart, tell me clearly. Gautam says she doesn’t want the divorce, so she isn’t going to court.

Pandya Store 29th September 2021 Written Update

Pandya Store 29th September 2021 Written Update

Shiva says calm down Raavi. She says Dhara is missing, Gautam is also not here, Krish isn’t answering. Shiva says Gautam and Dev are with me, Krish would have gone to college, how do you know that Dhara is missing. She asks him to come home. Shiva says Gautam, we have to go home. They ask Kaka to see the shop. They leave. The lady says I have got a new thing today, it’s fresh, the season has started. She sees Dhara.

Rishita is in the office. She gets Dev’s call. She disconnects. He calls again. She takes the call. She asks what happened, you get irritated, it’s my office’s first day. He says Dhara is missing. The lady asks Rishita to finish her work soon. He asks did he talk to Kirti. Rishita doesn’t listen to him and ends the call. He says she just cares for her work. He calls her again. Suman says I m tensed, call Dhara. Gautam, Shiva, and Dev come home. Suman hugs them. She says I was so scared, you all didn’t answer. Gautam says we were at the shop, Shiva calls Krish. Krish is in the lockup. Gautam asks why would Janardhan do anything.

He checks Janardhan’s call on his phone. Suman says I told you, call him. Gautam calls Janardhan. Janardhan says you would have got the good news, I told your wife that no one can save Krish from the police, he likes to take girls on the bike, see how he is getting beaten up in the jail. Gautam asks Krish’s bike. Janardhan asks why didn’t your wife tell you that Krish was taking my daughter on his bike. Gautam shouts. Janardhan asks everyone to have food. Shiva asks what did he say. Gautam says Suman was right, Janardhan had seen Krish and Kirti going on the bike, he told this to Dhara. Dev says it means she went to the police station. Suman beats him and says you just got the goons’ daughter. She scolds Raavi also.

Shiva says I know you are worried, don’t vent anger on everyone, we will go to the police station. Suman says no, take Raavi to the court and end this relation, Raavi goes away. Shiva says the divorce hearing will come again, it’s imp to get Dhara and Krish back. He asks Raavi what does she want, does she want to go to court or not. Raavi signs no. She says Dhara and Krish are more imps. Suman says take her and give her divorce, else our relation will end. Shiva asks her to understand. She says take her and end the relation, Gautam and Dev will go to the police station and get Dhara and Krish.

Pandya Store 29th September 2021 Written Update

Gautam says let it be if they don’t want to go to court. Suman says I will go and get Dhara and Krish back. Gautam says stop, we will go and get them, Shiva tells us if you don’t want to go to the court for some other reason. Shiva says nothing. Gautam says fine, then go to the court. Shiva goes. Gautam says Raavi, I left hope from Shiva, I have hope from you, think of joining a relation than breaking it. Suman says go and help your wife, they don’t value their relationship. Gautam goes.

Suman asks Raavi to get out. Shiva waits for Raavi. She gets ready and comes. He asks her to hold him, if she falls down, then he has to stop the scooty and they can’t reach the court. Yaadon ki baraat….plays… she holds him. They leave. Prafulla shouts Raavi, stop, I want to come. She asks someone to give her a lift to the court. The man jokes and asks her to go on a walk. Rishita says Dev isn’t answering now, he has an ego, I will take the lift and go. Shiva and Raavi think of their marriage. Do pal….plays… Pandya Store 29th September 2021 Written Update.

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