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Parineeti 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Pari sees Rajiv with Neeti

Parineeti 6th August 2022 Written Episode Update
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Parineeti 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Pari sees Rajiv with Neeti

Parineeti 5th August 2022 Written Update

Rajiv sees Pari. He gets worried. Neeti asks what happened. He says I have something urgent. He runs. The girl with Monty gets a call. She says yes boss? It’s Natasha’s dad. He says where are you? She says I am in room 303. You only need me for 5 minutes. Naman hears him talking on call. He asks where are you going? He says washroom. Naman tells Rajiv that Natasha’s dad is acting weird. He says your dad-in-law must have some affair. Naman says let me go and check. Rajiv calls Monty. Monty says he’s not even letting me a date. Rajiv says where are you? Monty says I have a date in this hotel in room 303. Rajiv says that’s where Natasha’s dad is. What is Monty up to? Rajiv runs to that room. Pari sees him running. She goes after him.

Monty gets ready in the room. Natasha’s mom comes in. She gets scared. She screams. Natasha’s dad goes into the girl’s room. Naman comes there. Rajiv stops Naman and says don’t stop the uncle. Rajiv says how do I tell him he’s with a guy and that guy is my brother. Seema says what are you doing in my room? He says this is my room 303. She says this is my room. Subhash sits in the girl’s room. He says I don’t have time to hurry up. Rajiv says to Naman there’s a guy with their uncle. Naman says what? I have to go in. Seema and monty come there.

Rajiv says Monty where were you? And who is with the uncle? Monty says my GF is in that room. Seema asks Naman to knock on the door. The girl says is it, Monty? He will know I am a poor and fake insurance agent. The girl opens the door. Subhash says we don’t have time. Seema cries and says what are you doing with this girl? Let me call the police. Subhash says I was here to sign my insurance. The girl says give me 50k or I will tell the police you harassed me. Rajiv says I will handle it. Pari comes there. She sees Rajiv’s back. She sees Monty as well. Rajiv goes into the room with the girl. Pari says what is Sanju up to?

Neetu says to Natasha husband keeps fighting. Natasha says why is my mom so angry? She says my mood is off because of your dad. Neeti says to keep throwing tantrums. Subhash gets on stage and sings for Seema. Seema ignores him. He sings for her. Naman and Natasha dance together. Neeti says where is Sanju? Rajiv comes with a mask and dances with monty. Pari says I wish Rajiv was also here. Pari imagines dancing with Rajiv on ajeeb dastaan hai yeh. Naman dances on mehndi Laga ke rakhna with Natasha. Everyone joins.


Rajiv drinks. The chandelier is about to fall. Neeti is under it. Rajiv screams Neeti… He runs to save her. Rajiv rushes and saves Neeti. He says Neeti are you okay? Neeti faints. Seema says to bring water. Rajiv screams Neeti… He says her hand is bleeding. Pari walks in. Everyone gives Neeti water. They’re worried. Rajiv cries and says call an ambulance. Rajiv kisses Neeti. She opens her eyes. Rajiv says are you okay Neeti? He hugs her. He gives her water. Pari comes in. She’s shocked to see Rajiv.

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