Parineetii 17th November 2022 Written Episode Update


Parineetii 17th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Biji saying to Neeti that she knew about her husband and family situation. Rajeev signals Neeti to don’t reveal anything to her. She nods with him. Biji tells her it’s normal for arguments to come between husband and wife. She might adjust to it. She inquires she doesn’t meet Parineet’s husband Rajeev.

Neeti doubts how come she knows Rajeev. Biji tells her that Rajeev was here. He loves Parineet a lot. She calls him. Rajeev thinks that no one is able to save him today. Parineet says to Biji that it’s getting late. She wants to take a rest. Biji asks everyone to go to bed she is also leaving. Parineet takes Parineet from there. Neeti leaves from there. Later, Rajeev says to Neeti that it was a hectic day for him. He noticed Neeti is silent.

Parineetii 17th November 2022 Written Episode Update

He thinks that it’s silent before the storm. He is about to avoid her Neeti stops him. Neeti asks him why she is behaving weirdly. Biji knew Rajeev better than her. Who said about him to her? Parineet comes there and shares with Neeti that she said it to her. Because she used to inquire about her husband. Neeti tells her that she has no issues with it. She is her everything.

Rajeev tries to be romantic with Neeti. She says to him that she fears that no one evil eyes falls on their relationship. Rajeev asks her to stop thinking like that. Kavitha visits Biji and inquires about her health. She adds that she came to know recently that she fell down. Biji says that she fell down but is feeling better now. Biji inquires her well about the? She shares with her that nothing going well in her home.

She shares her grief with her. She wants to perform grahshanthi pooja at a home. Their time is not well. Biji says that everything going well in her home. Kavitha says to her what Pandith says to her. Biji suggests Parminder perform the grahshanthi pooja in their home too. She doesn’t want to see someone’s evil eyes fall on her kids. Parminder nods with her. Kavitha tells her that she is leaving. Biji asks her to eat something. She denies it reasoning she came to meet her and leaves.

Biji says to Parminder that Parineet wants to perform this Grahshanthi pooja. Rajeev will sit with her. Gurinder says to her they will do it instead of her. Biji asks her how dare she talk against her decision. She is adamant about her decision. Parineet thinks about how she will sit in this pooja. Neeti will learn the truth. Biji won’t listen to her. She decided to talk with Biji to let Tai ji perform it. Parineet tries to talk with Biji.

Neeti brings breakfast for her. Biji comments on her breakfast. She questions her why did she bring almonds? Neeti tells her that almond helps her to get memory power. Biji complained that her memory power is good. She doesn’t need this. Biji asks Parineet to perform the grahshanthi pooja. Neeti gets shocked to hear it. Parineet asks her to let Parminder and Gurinder do it. Biji says that youngsters might do it. Neeti thinks that Sanju wants to sit in the pooja.

Why she is asking Rajeev and Parineet to sit in the pooja? She asks Biji doesn’t family members want to do it. Biji asks her does she trying to say Parineet and Rajeev are outsiders. She adds that she will only decide what to do or not. She says that Neeti is Parineet’s friend. She wants to help her to arrange everything. Gurinder thinks that Parineet brainwashed Biji. That is why she is always supporting her. She fears that Biji won’t give her properties to her.

Neeti asks Sanju where is he going. He tells her that he already take many off. He wants to go to the office now to finish his pending work. Neeti says to him that Biji asked Parineet to do the grahshanthi pooja. Rajeev asks her does she is jealous of her. Neeti says that she won’t be jealous of her. Everyone likes Parineet here. When will she start like her? Rajeev assures her that soon she will like her. She is strict so don’t say anything against her.

Neeti asks him to take off and stay with her. He apologized to her and left. Later, Gurinder gets frustrated thinking about the recent incidents. Meanwhile, the Priest visits the house. Biji talking with him about the pooja. She praises Parineet in front of the priest. The priest asks Biji Is her new daughter-in-law of her? Biji introduces Parineet as her daughter-in-law.

She adds that Parineet and Rajeev sit together in the pooja. Neeti gets suspicious hearing it. The priest narrates the rituals to her. Gurinder wishes to ruin her name. Neeti walks away from there in anger. Parineet says to Neeti that she was stuck in between them. It’s impossible to reveal the truth to Biji.

Parineetii 17th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Neeti says that she is the daughter-in-law of this house, not her. How could she allow them to perform this pooja? Neeti adds that Rajeev doesn’t deserve this all. Parineet tells her that she doesn’t reveal his bad side to anyone here. Parineet says that she will cook the prasad because she is daughter in law of this house.

She will help her to do it. She won’t snatch anything that is hers. Neeti thanked her. Gurinder thinks that she will create a bad name for Parineet using this situation. Neeti asks her to help her with cooking. Parineet assures her to help her. Gurinder thinks that she wants to create a rift between Neeti and Parineet. Because Neeti doesn’t know anything to do without Parineet’s help. Gurinder praises Neeti to insult Parineet.