Parineetii 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Rajeev inquiring about the priest when will pooja end? Biji asks him why is he asking about it. Does he wanna use the washroom? He lies to her as he wants to use the washroom. Biji brings up his childhood incidents. Rajeev asks her to stop it.

The priest informs them that the pooja is completed. Biji signals something to the priest. The priest informs them that Rajeev and Parineet want to take 7 vows around the sacred fire. Rajeev asks her what’s the need to do it. Biji says that they are always fighting with each other. So she thinks it’s the only solution to bring understanding between them.

Parineetii 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update
Parineetii 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update

Parineet tells her it was past. Biji is adamant about her decision. Rajeev thinks that already he took 7 vows with Parineet and 7 with Neeti. He will get divorced from her for sure. He asks Parineet to convince Biji. She shares with him that Biji is adamant about her decision. Rajeev asks her what if Neeti see them together?

Parineet adds that she is also worried about it. She is not able to take this vow again with him. Rajeev asks the priest to finish it in a shortcut. The priest tells him it’s not an easy thing. Their relationship is connected to 7 birth. Rajeev thinks that how he will explain to him Neeti is his real wife.

Meanwhile, Monty asks Babli to do something to stop Neeti. She says that she disconnects her call in anger. She fears that Neeti will trace her number. Monty tells her that he called from the application so she won’t trace her number. Simi comes there and inquires them about what’s going on there. She asks him does he need her help.

Monty narrates the situation to her and pleads with her to help him. Simi thinks that she wants to see Neeti learn the truth and kick Parineet out of the house. She leaves there. Babli alerts Monty that Neeti is coming. Meanwhile, Rajeev isn’t concentrating on the pooja. He noticed Neeti there and doubts what Monty is doing there.

The priest informs Rajeev that he might do all pooja with Parineet. Rajeev alerts Parineet that Neeti is coming. She fears getting caught. She prays to god to save her. Gurinder gets happy to see Neeti she thinks that today her truth will be out. Neeti noticed the crowd and searched for Sanju. She noticed Sanju and thinks that she may be mistaken for someone else as Sanju.

He won’t sit in the pooja without her. Biji and Tai Ji won’t allow him to sit with someone else. She wishes to check who is it. She puts the veil on her head. Neeti hears the way Priest mentioned Rajeev’s name. Neeti goes to check on him. Babli takes Neeti from there. She tells her that Monty is commenting on her dress. Neeti asks her does Rajeev attend this function. She denied it.

Monty adds that he didn’t notice him too. Monty comments on her dress and says that Barnala girls look like her. Neeti glares at him. He tells her that except for Parineet and Neeti. He praised her beauty. Neeti tells her that she is able to understand that something is going on between them. She is happy to get her as her daughter-in-law.

Neeti tells her that she wants to attend the pooja. Monty tells her that pooja is over. She complained that Sanju didn’t inform her about it. Monty says to her that she shouldn’t go out or else Biji will scold her for not attending the pooja. Neeti tells her that Parineet will help her to convince Biji.

She would have chosen Parineet as her daughter-in-law. She says that she was just joking. Neeti goes to meet them. Neeti gets shocked to see Biji blessing Parineet and Sanju together. She asks them to give an heir to her. Neeti walks away from there in anger. Rajeev stops her and tried to convince her. Neeti gets angry at him for taking the blessings from Biji along with Parineet. He manages to lie to her. Rajeev feels guilty for lying to her.

Parineetii 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update

Parineet asks Neeti to take blessings from Biji. She fears that Biji will scold her for not attending the pooja. Parineet convinces her and takes her from there. Biji scolds Neeti for not attending the pooja. She asks her to learn from Parineet.

She blesses her for getting a caring husband like Rajeev. Neeti thinks that is why she is praising Rajeev instead of Sanju. She isn’t mentioning Sanju’s name at all. Gurinder diverts them to eat the food. She consoles Neeti. Biji asks Parineet to give food to the priest. Gurinder smirks at her.

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