Parineetii 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Parineet arranging food to serve the priest. She checks everything. Chandrika comes there to help her. Meanwhile, Rajeev complained to Monty that he didn’t even do any small work. Neeti comes there and asks Monty to leave. She wants to talk with him in private. Rajeev asks her why she is crying. Neeti tells him that he is the reason for it.

She complained that he sat on pooja without her. Rajeev tells her that she was busy with pooja. That is why he didn’t disturb her. Neeti complained that he would have phoned her to inform her pooja was about to be completed. She complained that Biju taunted her in front of everyone. She compared her to Parineet and praised her.

Parineetii 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update
Parineetii 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Parineetii 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update

She feels like she is a guest here. Rajeev tries to console her. Neeti adds that she feels like everyone dislikes her presence here. She adds that she doesn’t have any value in this house. Rajeev tells her that everyone likes her. Neeti says to him that Tai ji and Biji don’t like her. She leaves there, accusing him. Rajeev thinks what happened to her? She is getting pregnant mood swings.

Biji praises Parineet’s cooking style. She says to the priest that she never tasted such delicious food in her life. Parineet is really talented one. Tai Ji also agreed to it. Gurinder waiting for the moment everyone going to insult Parineet. Monty asks Rajeev what’s bothering him. Rajeev narrates his situation to him and adds that she isn’t understanding his situation at all.

She has pregnancy mood swings it’s making him anxious. Monty tells him it’s normal during pregnancy time. He asks him to convince her. Later, The priest is about to taste the food. He smells garlic in it. He asks everyone to stop eating. He informs Biji that they did sin. Because of them, they would have broken their tradition today.

He reveals to them that they address Garlic in the Halwa. Everyone gets shocked to hear it. Gurinder remembers the way she added garlic to it. She thinks that Biji likes Parineet a lot. She will give the whole property in her name. Parineet checks the sweets and thinks how is it possible? Gurinder says that she ruined their family’s reputation.

She broke Biji’s trust today. She did a sin today and ruined their reputation. Gurinder isn’t allowing Parineet to talk there. She says that she is trying to play innocent here. She spoiled the sweets and ruined their family name. Rajeev says that she won’t do that. Everyone in this family is aware of her. Gurinder asks him to shut up.

Parminder asks Gurinder to stop accusing her. Gurinder asks her to see the way her daughter-in-law ruined the sweet. She made the priest starve today. Because of her their family standing here ashamed to face them. Gurinder says that Parineet’s wedding stopped twice in mandap. Doesn’t she understand her value now? Parminder says that Parineet won’t do anything like that. She will never play with god’s Prasad.

She asks her to stop accusing her. She is trusting her thoroughly. Gurinder asks Biji to see their drama. She did a big sin today though everyone is supporting her. Chandrika says that Parineet won’t commit such mistakes. Someone intentionally did this to ruin Parineet’s name here. She asks her to trust her. Gurinder provokes her against Parineet. She demands she punish her for it. Parineet leaves from there. Gurinder says that she isn’t giving respect to her and left.

Gurpreet wakes up from her nap. She shares with Harman that she saw a dream. She feels like Parineet is in trouble. Harman asks her don’t they have met her recently. He suggests she talk with her on phone so she will feel good. Mandeep gets frustrated to hear it. Meanwhile, Gurinder says that Parineet did a mistake. That is why she went not able to face them. Parineet comes there taking halwa.

Gurinder demands Parineet accept that she did a mistake. Parineet accepts that she cooked the halwa but she didn’t add garlic to it. She isn’t able to see the priest leaving her house on empty stomach. She pleads with them to eat the halwa. Gurinder says that she did a mistake and pretending to be innocent now. Parineet remembers the way she cried thinking about her destiny. Gurpreet calls her and learns about the incident. She shares an idea with her.

Parineet gives a fitting reply to Gurinder. Biji asks Gurinder to stop it. She requests the priest to forgive Parineet’s mistake and eat the food. They agree to eat the food forgiving her. Gurinder thinks that Parineet is lucky. She is escaping from everything. Later, The priest praised the taste of Parineet’s handmade food. He compared it to the goddess Annapoorna.

He tells her that Parineet will get Annapoorna’s blessings. Biji thank them for their blessings. Biji says to Parineet that she is aware that Parineet won’t do anything which harms the family. She hugs her happily. Rajeev feels happy to see them. Gurinder thinks that Parineet escaped today but she won’t leave like that. Later, GM talked with Rajeev about his new project.

Parineetii 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update

He asks him to attend it on weekend. He assures him that he arranged everything for him to stay there. Rajeev thank him. Meanwhile, Neeti gives tea to Rajeev. Biji asks Neeti to treat her husband like that too. Parineet comes there and asks her to take her medicine. Rajeev informs Biji that he is going out this weekend. He asks her to say what’s she need?

He will buy it for her. Biji tells him that she will give the list to Parineet. Rajeev tells her that he is going to attend a meeting alone. Biji demands he take Parineet with him. Rajeev tells her that he isn’t going to celebrate his honeymoon. She asks him to spend time with her. Rajeev thinks that Neeti will give divorce to him if she comes to know it.

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