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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 22nd June 2021 Written Update Mayura troubles Omkar

Even though Maya wins against Omkar but Megha's evil plans separate Mayura from Tara: Read to know what happened this week in colors Tv Show Pinjarra
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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 22nd June 2021 Written Update Mayura troubles Omkar

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Omkar kicking Mayura’s car and returning back her money. He tells her to respect money that she has. Mayura gets very angry at him and says hope she never sees his face again. Omkar says the same. At hotel, Omkar meets the hotel manager who informs him that he will get job and salary if he work properly for a week. He tells Omkar today hotel owner’s daughter will be coming and he needs to impress her. Omkar tells he can definitely do it.
Mayura enters the hotel with her friends. Manager greets her and asks her why she got so late. Omkar sees her and gets shocked. He hides from there.

While Mayura is passing by, Omkar mistakely makes a decorative small cage show piece fall on the floor. Mayura gets shocked to see it and then she goes towards Omkar and asks what is he doing there. She tells she will call police. Manager tells Omkar to pacify her or else his career will end. Omkar pleads Mayura and tells her he needs the job badly. Mayura tells him to do everything as she says and impress her if he wants to work. He thinks he cannot lose the job so he agrees. She asks him to bring all her luggage bags from car, Omkar says without using lift. Mayura says he isn’t as dumb as she thought. Omkar slowly says that she isn’t as rude as he thought but rather more. Mayura asks him what he said, he says he was just praising her.

Omkar sees there are a lot of bags. While Mayura is waiting with her friends, Omkar comes there carrying all her luggage bags at once, she gets annoyed. In hotel room, Mayura’s friend ask her if she is troubling Omkar too much. Mayura tells where is Omkar and if he fell somewhere while carrying luggage. Omkar comes there and asks if she was worried. Mayura tells she was worried about her luggage. Omkar tells if she bought suitcase from sale as its handle got easily broken. He teases Mayura. She tells him to give her foot massage and do pedicure. Omkar tells he will make spa appointment for her.

Mayura tells Omkar to do massage himself. He pours lot of cream, so Mayura scolds him. Then he presses her foot roughly, Mayura asks him to do it softly but then asks him to leave and bring lemonade for her. Mayura slips and falls infront of Omkar due to broken heel. Omkar teases her and leaves as he gets his mother’s call. Mayura calls him #crazy. Omkar and his mother share sweet conversation. Mayura meets an old gardener and tells him to rest and get treatment, hotel will pay the expenses. Then she sees Omkar giving him lift on his cycle and feels impressed. Later Mayura’s friends videocall her and shows Omkar with gardener who is giving him some amount of money. Mayura misunderstands that Omkar is taking money in exchange of help and gets very angry. Episode ends on Mayura thinking she will tackle Omkar more harshly.

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