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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 4th June 2021 Written Update Raghav tells Mayura his plan

Read to know All the ups and downs that happened in the love-hate story of Omkar and Mayura last week in Pinjara Khubsurti Ka
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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 4th June 2021 Written Update Raghav tells Mayura his plan

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Raghav telling judge that there is no problem with the footage. Mayura tells him to let judge see the cctv footage once. Manjiri asks engineer to play it. It’s shown there is someone else instead of Omkar. Judge scolds Raghav for his negligence. Raghav feels annoyed and requests him to let him handle the case. Judge tells him that he can handle the case but with crime branch officials. Megha asks for bail for Omkar but judge denies.

Manjiri hugs Omkar and he asks her how did she find the evidence. Flashback is shown how Mayura realized Raghav was behind her kidnapping when she heard his wrist watch tone. She called Manjiri and the asked her to find the engineer anyhow and at same time she pretended to be by Raghav’s side. Manjiri scolds Raghav. After everyone leaves, Mayura pleads Raghav to let her meet Omkar once. She says she will explain him that Raghav can alone handle the case without crime branch officials. He allows her to meet Omkar at police station.

Omkar hugs Mayura and tells he knows she was just acting. He also says he knows it was her who had called Manjiri and that she doesn’t trust Raghav. Omkar feels guilty of hurting her so much in past. Mayura tells him to focus on present and there main problem which is Raghav. She asks Omkar why is Raghav so persistent on harming him. Omkar tells that she may not believe but Raghav likes her and will do anything to get closer to her. Mayura recalls all the past incidents and tells she already had a doubt about this. But she feels there is something more.

Mayura tells she was separated from Omkar for five years but Raghav never contacted her at that time, but why suddenly now he is jumping into their lives. Omkar tells her Raghav must be annoyed as his plan failed and asks her to be careful. She says she will take care of herself and Omkar too. Raghav calls someone and scolds that person for not deleting original footage. He tells his plan got cancelled because of this. Mayura comes there and asks what plan. He lies about dinner plan with his friend. Mayura tells Omkar isnt ready to let Raghav handle the case alone.

Mayura invites Raghav for dinner and he gets super happy. She says she will make his favourite paneer curry. He gets excited. Pandey comes and asks him if he isn’t worried about crime branch officials coming tomorrow. He says there will be nothing to investigate tomorrow. Raghav comes to Mayura’s home and finds there is no else. He asks Mayura about it. She says Manjiri doesn’t like him so. He tells her if she is going against her family for him. She tells he is her friend. She fools him with her words and starts making him drink alcohol. Manjiri and others are watching from behind the door. Once Raghav gets drunk, he says the lady in phone keeps giving him command. Mayura asks her name but he doesn’t spill it. However he says tomorrow Omkar will be released from jail and will be free from everything. The episode ends on Mayura’s shocked face.

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