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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update

Read to know All the ups and downs that happened in the love-hate story of Omkar and Mayura last week in Pinjara Khubsurti Ka
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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 1st June 2021 Written Update ,The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Omkar coming to college and his friends teasing him about Mayura. He feels restless and when he sees that Mayura didn’t come to college, he feels guilty and thinks if he scolded Mayura a lot last day. Mayura on other hand, gets ready in simple suit and comes to Omkar’s home. She introduces herself as a good friend of Omkar to his mother. His mother is surprised as Omkar had never told about Mayura.

Mayura talks sweetly and tells she heard that she is unwell so she came to take care of her. Omkar’s mother thinks to call Omkar but Mayura somehow stops him. Mayura acts caring. Omkar’s mother asks her if she had informed at her home. Mayura says not to worry about it and she has informed her family and then she sees a photoframe with photo of Omkar and his mother, she asks about Omkar’s father. Omkar’s mother informs that he died when Omkar was born and thats why Omkar has been taking care of her needs. Mayura thinks Omkar takes care of his mother but ignore hot girls like her.

At Mayura’s home, her father asks where is Mayura. Mayura’s sister in law tries to provoke him against Mayura. Dai ma asks him about birthday celebration for Mayura but he denies. Then he thinks of something and says there must be celebration. He tells Sachin to invite Ishan and his mother and welcome them grandly. He wants to use Ishan and Mayura’s relationship as a bait for business deal. Dai Ma hopes someone who loves Mayura unconditionally should come to her life.

Mayura acts funnily and doesn’t know what vessel she should use to get milk. She makes fun of herself. Omkar’s mother is amused. She tells Mayura to let it be and she will bring milk. Omkar calls his mother but she didn’t receive it so he gets worried and thinks to go back home immediately. At Omkar’s home, Mayura insists on cooking something. She enters kitchen and cannot even light up the gas stove. She doesn’t know anything and gets confused. She thinks how will see impress his mother. She calls her Dai Ma and says her friend is sick and she has to cook something. Dai Ma suggests that she will cook something and send to her friend’s address.

Mayura gets happy. She puts pulses and two whole tomatoes in saucepan. Omkar’s mother comes there and asks if she knows to cook. They laugh and his mother tells Mayura to go while she cooks. She asks if she would have not agreed if her mother asked. Mayura tells her mother died when she was born. Omkar’s mother hugs her and she feels emotional. She tells her to teach her to make tea. Omkar comes there and gets shocked seeing Mayura. He scolds her and tells her to leave. Episode ends with Omkar telling Mayura she is shallow from inside and changing outer appearance will bring no difference.

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