Pisces to Leo: See zodiac signs who go from being the sweetest kids to savage adults


The process of growing up from your childhood to your teen years and then adulthood can be a tumultuous one for many zodiac signs. While some manage to grow and learn so that they blossom into wonderful human beings; others are not so lucky as their life experiences ensure that they tend to grow more pessimistic with time. From Pisces to Leo, see zodiac signs who go from being the sweetest kids to savage adults.


During their childhood, this zodiac water sign openly shares their lunchbox and offers their classmates a pen or pencil. Yet, due to their inherently emotional nature, Pisces often finds that they care more about their friendships and relationships when compared to the love and care they get back in return from others. This often why their kind heart slowly turns to stone as the years roll by over several cases of indifference they have experienced at the hands of others.

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As a child there is no other zodiac sign whose innocence and naivety rivals that of a Taurus. They set out to make friends with the whole world, but in the process of growing up the realise that not all of their friends are there with them in times of need. Yet, the same people often show up to sponge off them. While Taurus retains their friendly nature, they turn into savage adults with high standards.

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It is often this Zodiac sign’s life experiences that cause their inherent nature to make a complete 180 degree turn into a savage teenager. Leo is often the very first person to extend kindness to their friends. They will easily share their pocket money or allowance, lend other classmates their books or even give away their toys. But as time passes, they find that friendship might be easily be given, but favours or charity is not. This causes them to develop a pessimistic approach as adults.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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