Prateek Sadhu: Keep it fresh

Prateek Sadhu: Keep it fresh
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Veggie shopping

Q. How advisable is it to order my daily veggies from an app like Big Basket in bulk vs going out and getting it myself every week?

—Jacob, via Instagram

In India, we are blessed with sabzi and fruit mandis within a few kms radius of our homes, irrespective of which part of India we live in. So, it’s always advisable to go out and purchase your supplies because these mandis will give you produce which is fresh as well as in season.

Another advantage is, besides the regular options, you will also have access to options that aren’t really available at supermarkets or apps either.

Also, most times, you will find the best prices for vegetables and fruits at these mandis. And, of course, even here, bargaining always works.

We all live hectic lives wherein we are working six days a week. But take out time on a Saturday, like I do, or whichever day you can spare half an hour, and get your basic vegetables, fruits and greens, for at least two-three days. It’s great if you can do this twice a week. If not, even once a week works. It’s also very therapeutic. I recommend you try it.

Known for making a mark in the World food scenario with his previous restaurant Masque, and his focus on indigenous Indian ingredients, Prateek now is working with a lot of Indian communities for his research for his next venture

From HT Brunch, September 24, 2022

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