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Qurbaan Hua 16th June 2021 Written Update Neel and Chahat getting glued to each other

Qurbaan Hua 16th June 2021 Written Update Neel and Chahat getting glued to each other

Qurbaan Hua The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Neel and Chahat getting glued to each other. They struggle to free their hands but fail while Neel is stressed about how will he cook food with one hand. Chahat gets an idea that they both can work together to cook food. They gets into some miscoordination but eventually get along while Shlok and Dua watch them and feel happy seeing them. Ghazala tells the principal that Neel and Chahat might be fighting in kitchen and takes her to show the scene. But they find Neel and Chahat working together holding hands.

Chahat adores Neel while he works and helps him, the principal observes them and says to Ghazala that they seem to have fixed their problems. They both spot the principal and greets her in, she praisess their love and goes. After that, Ghazala confronts Sahil about his plan and tells that Neel and Chahat are coming close. Chahat tries to free her and Neel’s hands but in the process she accidentally sets fire in kitchen. Neel rushes out to evacuate the guests but she stays there to put off the fire.

Shlok asks Neel about Chahat so he realises that she is still in the kitchen so he rushes to save her. Chahat falls due to the smoke while Ghazala whispers to the principal that Neel might hve intentionally done this. Neel brings Chahat out while Bhopu handles the fire, Dua and Shlok hug them. Dua says to Shlok that their parents have passed in all three tests, Shlok agrees and says that they both love each other. The principal turns to Ghazala and says the kids seem to be happy with their family and it seems like she is the one trying to break this family and also talks about giving statement that she should not get children’s custody.

Bhopu tells everyone that the fire is off and everyone can come in. Inside the resturant, everyone sits while Aalekh comes with some gangajal to use as an excuse. Shlok notices a burn mark on Neel’s hand so Chahat asks him to get first aid before it gets worse. Shlok requests Agam to bless Chahat’s clinic before they go in but he denies which upsets Chahat. Neel thinks of calling her patient, the nurse informs him that they have almost reached the location. Neel asks her to wait till he signals but Vyas ji sees sign boards and tells the nurse that his family lives here.

Vyas ji goes towards the resturant while Neel tells Chahat that there is a special person who is going to inaugarate her clinic. Aalekh asks everyone to leave but Neel requests Agam to stop and read a mantra. He says that he will help him if he forgets the mantras, he gets started but gets stuck in the middle saying that he forgot. Vyas ji starts reading the mantras from outside, Neel and others are confused as Agam is not the one to speak. Vyas ji spots Agam inside and rushes to a window where Chahat spots him. She rushes out and asks the nurse to help her move Vyas ji from here. The episode ends.

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