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Qurbaan Hua 1st June 2021 Written Update Neel Chahat go for dinner

Qurbaan Hua 25th May 2021 Written Update: Chahat’s plan to stop Neel’s wedding
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Qurbaan Hua 1st June 2021 Written Update Neel Chahat go for dinner

Qurbaan Hua The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Shlok bringing a dress for Chahat as she is going out with Neel. Chahat doesn’t make an approving face so Shlok thinks that she doesn’t like his choice. Chahat says that she likes his choice and will wear it. Meanwhile Dua goes to Neel and finds him wearing kurta and asks him to wear Western for going to dinner. Shlok and Dua praise Chahat and Neel for their amazing look for the night. Dua takes Neel out, he sees Chahat and makes fun of her seeing her in red dress. Chahat signals him that it is Shlok’s choice so he immediately praises her dress.

Neel and Chahat leave for dinner while Mami tells Alka that soon Neel is going to kick her out and she will have to make here own arrangements. Chahat and Neel reach a hotel where Neel asks her are they going to do dinner for real. She says that there is no harm in having dinner together and they also have to set some rules to prevent inappropriate behavior while handling their children. Neel starts fighting that they don’t have to pretend or anything as they are just together for six months.

Chahat notices Dua and Shlok sitting on a table there and starts acting happy and romantic. Neel gets shocked so she hugs him and tells that their kids are watching them and they have to seem happy in front of them. They go and sit on a table when Dua and Shlok come to them saying that they were missing them. They all sit together and place order while Ghazala reaches there to spoil the night. She tips the wiater to put peanuts in Shlok’s soup. She intends to make Shlok ill and record his video to prove that Neel and Chahat are not good parents.

Neel and Chahat play truth and dare with kids and Nele gets a dare to sing. Chahat feels like he won’t sing till she is here so decides to leave. Neel holds her hand and starts singing and Chahat follows. They get romantic while Ghazala records video in hope of getting something useful. Neel burns his hand by mistake and Shlok gets panic and spills the soup. Chahat goes to check if he is fine and notices peanuts in his soup. She gets angry as Shlok is allergic to peanuts, she confronts the waiter who says that it was a mistake.

Chahat gets paranoid and says that they are leaving from here this instant. They are about to leave for home when they spot Vyas ji among some gamblers. Neel goes to his rescue where he finds out the Vyas ji was gambling. Agam starts acting to prove his innocence while Neel tries to convince the men that his dad is sick. They ask for their money, Neel gives them some and asks them to wait till he brings the rest. They tease Chahat and ask him to leave her. He gets angry but is pushed by the other guy. They move towards Chahat but Neel pulls them and beats them badly.

Dua and Shlok enjoy watching Neel fight for Chahat while one of the guys takes out a knife. He asks Neel to help them win their money back and go freely. Neel accepts the offer but Chahat tries to stop him. She says that she will come with him, in the club Neel loses 3 rounds while Chahat panics watching Neel losing. Chahat tries to tell him that his cards are not good but he keeps playing. Neel realizes that he is losing and asks signals Chahat to run. They run outside but get caught by the guys. The episode ends.

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