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Qurbaan Hua 25th May 2021 Written Update Chahat’s stop Neel’s wedding

Qurbaan Hua 25th May 2021 Written Update: Chahat’s plan to stop Neel’s wedding
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Qurbaan Hua 25th May 2021 Written Update Chahat’s stop Neel’s wedding

The episode starts with Neel telling Alka that Dua is going to stay here with him. Alka is not so happy hearing this but says that she will not go against him. Shlok comes there and says that this is wrong as Chahat and Neel should marry each other as they are his real parents. Alka asks Shlok to not say such things to Neel and apologize. Shlok denies that and says that he wants parents like other children and wants to call them mom-dad.

Neel gets emotional and hugs Shlok lovingly, he tells him that he will call him dad now onwards. Neel says that he cannot marry Chahat even if she is his real mom which breaks Shlok’s heart. Naveli asks Chahat to stop this wedding somehow after knowing all truth. She requests Chahat to get Neel back but she refuses, Chahat says that she came here with some other intention but she got Shlok as a gift. She says that she is not destined to be with Neel and will live her life with memories of Shlok.

Naveli asks her whether she is will Dua as well, Dua comes there and says that she will never leave Chahat. Dua says that Neel and Chahat to stay together as they are her parents. Shlok comes there and backs Dua’s statements, he calls Chahat mom which makes her emotional. Shlok asks her why are Neel and her being separated, Chahat hugs him without saying anything. After some time, Neel and Alka sit for marriage while Shlok and Dua discuss that all this is wrong.

Neel is in delima as he cannot marry Chahat and cannot raise two children without a mother so has to marry Alka. That moment the cops arrive and stop the wedding, they say that he cannot marry Alka until he divorces his first wife and it is considered as a crime. Chahat comes there and starts doing drama while Shlok and Dua also start fake crying. Neel says that Chahat is lying and he has decided to marry Alka but the inspector says that he will be arrested if he does second marriage before divorce.

Naveli adds to the drama and says that Neel and Alka cannot be married now. The cops leave while Alka gives a bad look to Chahat, Chahat says that she did not intend to spoil this moment but her children deserve to live with their real parents. Alka leaves while Neel angrily says that Chahat will suffer for what she has done. Dua and Shlok hug Chahat while she decides to try to give their relationship a chance. Mami consoles Alka while Naveli tells her that Neel and Chahat will keep on loving each other and marrying him will be bad for Alka.

Naveli says that Neel and Chahat should be united again but Aalekh comes there and angrily says that she is speaking a lot and he will have to shut her up. He pulls her but she frees her hand and threatens to break this marriage and get him arrested if he touches her again. Chahat comes there to apologize to Alka and says that she is doing all this for her kids. Neel comes there and says that he is going to divorce Chahat as soon as possible.

The episode ends.

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