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Qurbaan Hua 27th May 2021 Written Update Agam exposed?

Qurbaan Hua 25th May 2021 Written Update: Chahat’s plan to stop Neel’s wedding
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Qurbaan Hua 27th May 2021 Written Update Agam exposed?

Qurbaan Hua The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Neel warning Chahat against causing trouble to his family. He asks her to bring Vyas ji back, she agrees but says that he has to come with her. Neel asks her why is she ordering him so she says that she is her wife for now so he has to acompany her. Aalekh gets worried as he fears that Agam will expose him too if he is caught. Neel and Chahat look for Vyas ji when Chahat spots a girl wearing the shawl she saw Vyas ji wearing. She asks the girl where did she get this shawl so the girl points towards a bar.

Chahat and Neel are surprised, she suggests to go in but Neel is not ready and says that Vyas ji cannot be in a bar. Chahat requests to check once for satisfaction and takes him, the bouncer stops them saying that they cannot go inside in Indian clothes. Chahat gets an idea and goes somewhere, Neel follows some girl thinking that it is Chahat. The girl points towards Chahat who comes in western clothes. Chahat heads inside the bar, Neel sees her and gets worried.

Chahat goes inside and wonders if she sees Vyas ji here today then she will be convinced that he is not the real one. Some boys tease Chahat despite her refusing them. They don’t back off and one if them grabs her so Neel comes there and hits them saying that she is his wife. Chahat thanks him when they hear Agam shout. They are left shocked to see him drinking and flirting with girls. Neel confronts him thinking he is Vyas ji but he does not say anything. They both take him outside while Neel feels confused and ashamed.

Chahat is convinced that this is fake Vyas ji and she tells Neel that he is not Vyas ji. Aalekh comes there and says that she is lying, Neel doesn’t listen to her. Aalekh tells that Vyas ji is behaving like this because he has alzheimer. Everyone is shocked as Aalekh shows doctor’s report as a proof. Chahat sees the report and says that this report is not convincing enough. Neel gets angry for her trying to put blame on his father.

Aalekh apologizes to Neel for not telling him anything and then takes Agam away. Chahat is still doubtful about this. Aalekh lashes out at Agam for almost messing things up for them while Agam enjoys the fact that he can fool around freely now. Aalekh asks him to stay away from Chahat as she is clever. Meanwhile Chahat shows the real Vyas ji to Bhopu and tries to talk to him but he starts panicking. Chahat calms him an hangs up while Bhopu asks her how can this be possible. Chahat says that she cannot tell Neel about it until she finds out who the real Vyas ji is. Neel comes there with custody papers for Dua and Shlok, but Chahat refuses. The episode ends.

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