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Qurbaan Hua 28th May 2021 Written Update Dua in trouble?

Qurbaan Hua 25th May 2021 Written Update: Chahat’s plan to stop Neel’s wedding
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Qurbaan Hua 28th May 2021 Written Update Dua in trouble?

Qurbaan Hua The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Sahil trying to convince Chahat for not shifting to Neel’s house. He says that she will get nothing but hatred there so she says that she would prefer hatred over betrayal. He apologizes for his mistake done seven years ago but Chahat doesn’t listen to him. He tries to forcibly grab her as she tries to go but his stick falls and Chahat finds out that his leg is perfectly fine. She gets shocked while he locks the door, he orders her to go inside but she asks him about his legs. He says that he faked everything to get her sympathy.

Sahil pushes her to the sofa and tries to force himself on her but she slaps him and goes towards door. She tells that he is not worth of living with her or any other girl and threatens to call the police if he tries to stop her. Sahil angrily says that Neel will never become a good husband or father but she challenges him that he will become a very good father. Shlok dances happily that they all will live together now but Dua is a bit upset. She says that she will miss Sahil and Neel doesn’t even like him. Shlok says that Chahat will handle Neel when she comes.

Shlok explains Dua about the griha pravesh ceremony for Chahat and he makes the arrangements. Alka comes there and he asks her if she is upset about this, she doesn’t answer and hugs him. Mami comes there and provokes her to stop this but she says that she can’t break Shlok’s heart. Chahat comes there and Shlok tells her that he has arranged this ceremony for her. Mami takes away the kalash and says that Chahat will not be staying here for long so this is not needed. Neel comes there and says that they should do this if the kids want it.

Neel keeps the kalash back and steps inside traditionally with Chahat and then Shlok and Dua hug Chahat. Neel says that there is another ritual in which husband carries his wife to the room. He takes her to the room and throws her on bed. He says that this is going to end in six months and he will become such a good dad in this time that the kids will chose him for custody. Chahat smiles and says that she will keep the kids around her if that makes Neel behave properly with her. Dua and  Shlok bring Chahat’s bag and start unpacking it.

Neel finds his and Chahat’s photo among the clothes and says to her that he will not let any of their photos stay here and tears the photo. Dua says that they will take a family selfie and they take one. They all go to bed and Dua faces trouble sleeping on Neel’s arm as it is hard, he says that he is strong that’s why his hands are hard. Shlok suggests that Neel and Chahat can sing a song to make them sleep. Neel says that he doesn’t know how to sing and asks them to sleep.

Chahat starts singing a song looking at Neel and he continues the lyrics. They both look at each other and go on a memory lane, later Dua kicks Neel in sleep and he falls down. He goes to other room to sleep while Chahat’s phone rings waking Dua up. She sees it’s Sahil’s call and picks up, Sahil says that he is missing her. Dua says that she misses him too but this is her new family and she is happy with Shlok. Sahil says that he is unahappy, she suggests to give him a teddy for making him feel better. He asks her to come to the resort next to hers and not tell Chahat.

Dua goes out with the teddy and finds Neel sleeping on the swing. She wakes him and says that she wants to go to Sahil to give this teddy and asks him to come along. Neel takes her there and she goes inside, she takes long so Neel steps in but Ghazala stops her. He tells her that Dua is inside to meet Sahil but Ghazala says that Sahil is not here. She keeps on saying some rubbish to stop him from going inside. The episode ends.

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