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Qurbaan Hua 29th May 2021 Written Update Chahat rescue Neel

Qurbaan Hua 25th May 2021 Written Update: Chahat’s plan to stop Neel’s wedding
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Qurbaan Hua 29th May 2021 Written Update Chahat rescue Neel

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The episode starts with Ghazala telling Neel that he hates Dua because Chahat has given her Muslim values. She asks him whether he killed Dua in anger and is faking now trying to put the blame on them. Neel asks her to shut up and goes insight to find Dua while Chahat hears her phone ring. She wakes up and finds Neel and Dua missing. She takes the call of Ghazala who tells her that Neel has killed Dua because of his hatred. Chahat panics while Ghazala tells her that Neel is at their house, she says that she will get Neel arrested for killing Dua.

Shlok wakes up hearing Chahat’s voice while she takes him in a hurry. Neel asks Ghazala to tell him where Dua is but she continues to do her drama. Dua is with Sahil eating ice cream and calls him ‘uncle’, he starts doing emotional drama that she doesn’t care about him anymore as she has found her real family. He says that she has left him alone so she tries to make it up, he manipulates her to achieve his intentions. Dua agrees while Ghazala tries to get Neel arrested on fake charges. Chahat reaches there and says that Ghazala us not supposed to be trusted.

Chahat says that Dua is Neel’s daughter and won’t hurt her, but Ghazala says that Neel lied that he brought Dua here to meet Neel. Sahil comes there that moment with Dua and he tells Chahat that Dua was running from Neel. Dua stays shut while Neel says that Sahil is lying. Sahil tells Chahat that Neel was trying to harm Dua and she should be living with him. Chahat slaps Sahil as she catches his lie, she shows the ice cream mark on her shirt. Chahat asks Dua to tell the truth, Dua gets nervous and tells that she came here with Neel to give a teddy and then Sahil took her for eating ice cream.

Sahil gets pissed as Dua spits out all the truth. Ghazala hesitates and tells the cops that she was mistaken about Neel. After the cops go Chahat lashes out at Sahil for his cheap act and warns him against wandering around Dua ever again. She says that her family will be together forever, they all leave from there. Chahat talks to Neel about his stupid move today and he could have asked her before going there. He blames her for him failing as a parent as she kept Dua away for so long. She says that blaming her won’t help as he couldn’t even be a good father for Shlok.

Neel says that she was at fault for leaving him and when he saw her pregnant with Sahil he couldn’t handle all that. He says that he wanted to have a family but he could just get the tag of being a bad father because of her. Later, Neel catches cold and Chahat scolds him for not listening to her earlier. She asks him to take steam and also that his eyes show how much he loves his kids. Shlok and Dua come there and put Chahat and Neel under same towel for fun.

Next morning, Shlok wakes up early but Dua doesn’t. Neel asks Chahat to let her sleep but she refuses to spoil her. Neel and her get into a fight about letting Dua sleep but Dua gets irritated and wakes up. Neel calls Chahat a torturer and they start fighting, while Shlok and Dua are commenting on their fight. Alka comes there to give Shlok’s principal’s number to Neel. Neel suggests that Dua and Shlok should be getting admitted to same school so that they could be together. They get excited while Alka doesn’t like the idea. Neel goes and she confronts Chahat that she is not intending to leave this house. Chahat says that she cannot leave this house as it’s her children’s house. The episode ends.

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