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Qurbaan Hua 30th July 2021 Written Update: Neel Chahat save Dua

Qurbaan Hua 22nd July 2021 Written Update:
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Qurbaan Hua 30th July 2021 Written Update: Neel Chahat save Dua

Qurbaan Hua 30th July 2021 Written Update

Qurbaan Hua Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist, now in the upcoming drama. Qurbaan Hua 30th July 2021 Written Update…

The stranger barges into the house. Dua hides behind the sofa. He starts looking for Dua. When Shlok wakes up, he finds a ping from Dua and responds to it. This buzzes the Dua’s watch and the stranger finds her. He starts following her and tells her that he will force her to beg on Redlight Signal. Chahat enters shockingly and hits the man with a pot. She says that till the time she is alive nobody can even touch her daughter. She starts fighting the man.

The man pushes Chahat and she falls into Neels’s hands. Neel starts fighting the man. Alaknanda and Mami enter the room. Both of them are scared to find the scene going on in the house. Neel starts shouting at Alaknanda that just how easily she wanted to be a mother to Dua, similarly she had to take care of her. It’s not easy being a mother.

Dua held on to Chahat all this time. The man then requested everyone there to not send him to the police and says that he was sent here by Neel and Chahat only to scare their daughter. This angers and Shocks both Neel and Chahat to the core. Neel starts beating him up again.

Qurbaan Hua 30th July 2021 Written Update

Ghazala was watching all this from the window. He was the man sent by her only. Alaknanda starts shouting at both Neel and Chahat saying that they have stooped down so low that now they have started attacks on their own daughter only to keep Alaknanda away from Dua. But she will not let that happen.

Even Dua believed that the goon was sent by Neel and Chahat only and goes towards Alaknanda. Alaknanda informs them that she is getting married and will take Dua with her to Austria. Neel confronts Mami at home in front of Vyasji. Mami said that she only did what she had to do as she treats Alaknanda as her daughter and she has also done a lot for the family over the years.

Neel then tells her that it’s not easy being a mother that one day one wakes up and becomes a mother. Vyasji then tells Chahat that he will personally go and talk to Alaknanda to bring back Dua.

Vyasji goes to meet Dua. He brought her some toys as well. Vyasji tells Alaknanda that he heard about her getting married and that he is really very happy with the proceedings. He then requests her to let him meet the guy she is deciding to marry. Alaknanda agrees with Vyasji and tells him that he will let him meet the guy. Vyasji blessed her.

Neel and Chahat are sharing some private moments. Neel has brought a mangalsutra for Chahat. She gets really happy seeing that and promises him that she will wear it. Chahat then starts reading out vows that she had written for Neel. While she reads the vows, someone enters the house.

While hugging each other, Chahats mangalsutra breaks, and the beads spread across the room. Mami says that is not a good sign. Neel very patiently tells her that he will get it repaired. Chahat goes to open the door thinking that a plumber has come and it is another person entering the house. He kept on staring at Chahat once he sees her.

She takes him to the kitchen thinking of him as a plumber and asks him to repair the tap. The man does the same and tries to wipe his hands on Chahats clothes. Qurbaan Hua 30th July 2021 Written Update.

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