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Qurbaan Hua 31st May 2021 Written Update Ghazala’s New plans

Qurbaan Hua 25th May 2021 Written Update: Chahat’s plan to stop Neel’s wedding
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Qurbaan Hua 31st May 2021 Written Update Ghazala’s New plans

Qurbaan Hua The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Chahat getting ready to go to school but mami comes to her room and says that she will not go for the interview. Mami says that Alka will go with Neel and locks Chahat inside. Alka asks mami what she is doing so she tells that she has to go with Neel now. Mami puts a radio on loud volume so that no one can hear Chahat scream. Mami tells Neel that Chahat is not in house, she suggests that he should take Alka with him. The principal of school telle Bhopu that if Shlok and Dua’s parents don’t come soon then they will not get admission in the school. Shlok calls Neel to tell about principal’s condition but Neel cannot hear.

Neel asks again and again about Chahat but mami asks him to go with Alka and her. Bhopu goes to bting water while Dua is worried that their admission might get cancelled if their parents don’t come. Alka writes the truth in a handkerchief and gives it to Neel hoping that he will read it. Meanwhile Dua suggests to Shlok that they should run away to teach Neel and Chahat a lesson.
Shlok hesitates but Dua ropes him in somehow. Alka asks Neel to see the handkerchief she gave, he reads the message that Chahat is locked up in a room. He runs to house to get Chahat out, he unlocks the door and she hugs him and starts crying. He asks her who locked her in so mami says that she locked her in as Alka has the right to be Shlok’s mother. Mami says that he should not let Chahat have that right. Neel says that this is not the right time to take revenge from Chahat and no one can change the fact that Chahat is their mother.

Chahat and Neel leave for school while mami confronts Alka for letting this happen. She tries to brainwash Alka by saying that Neel might throw her out if Chahat comes back in his life. Shlok and Dua walk out in open when he spots Neel and Chahat rushing on a bike. They feel happy to see them together while Chahat spots them outside. She asks them what are they doing, Dua makes up lie but Chahat is convinced that Dua might be behind it.

In the school Neel and Chahat try to make excuse to the principal for being late so that Shlok and Dua’s admission is not cancelled. The principal says that Dua has to give test for getting admission. They both go outside as Dua sits for giving the test. Neel and Chahat start fighting which distracts Dua. Meanwhile Ghazala finds out that her accounts have been freezed, Sahil comes with a lawyer who tells her that according to Dr Baig’s will his property belongs to Dua and Shlok as they are 6 years old now. Lawyer suggests that if Ghazala becomes their legal guardian then her problem can be solved.

The principal tells Dua that her scores are less, she says that she could not focus because Chahat and Neel were fighting. The principal gives the result to Neel and Chahat and agrees to give admission but suggests them to not fight as that has bad influence on their children. The episode ends.

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