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Qurbaan Hua 4th June 2021 Written Update Chahat stands for Neel

Qurbaan Hua 25th May 2021 Written Update: Chahat’s plan to stop Neel’s wedding
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Qurbaan Hua 4th June 2021 Written Update Chahat stands for Neel

Qurbaan Hua The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama

The episode starts with Sahil coming to the party claiming to be Shlok and Dua’s father. Chahat denies his claim while Dua tells that her father’s name is Neel. Ghazala taunts that their father didn’t come to party. Shlok says that Neel has come and points in a direction. Neel arrives in waiter’s dress and Dua hugs him, Ghazala insults Neel by saying that he is working as waiter in his children’s party. Sahil tells Neel that his man gave him the contract and he did this to make Dua and Shlok feel ashamed of him. Sahil pushes him which makes the drink.

Sahil asks Neel to clean his shoes if he wants money. Ghazala tells the kids that their father is just a waiter. They both get upset because of the situation so Naveli asks them to come with her and help her with something. Ghazala taunts that truth cannot be hidden but Chahat sends the kids away. Ghazala goes to Neel and asks him to wear bangles saying that a man who survives on his wife’s money deserves this. Aalekh whisper’s in Agam’s ears that now Neel’s self esteem will get hurt and he will kick Chahat out of his life.

Sahil forces Neel to clean his shoes for one lakh rupees. Chahat gets hurt but us unable to say anything as Neel bends to clean the shoes. Chahat asks Neel to stop and takes away the clothe from him and throws it away. She criticizes Ghazala for making fun of a person working so hard for his kids. She says that they will leave this place as they don’t need money from them. She takes his hand and starts walking but Sahil says from behind that this means she will pay the fee amount and calls Neel useless.

Chahat angrily takes a cake and smashes it in Sahil’s face. His ego gets hurt and he takes a cake and throws towards her in anger. But the cake hits Ghazala’s face, Shlok and Dua reach there and find this interesting. Chahat says that they are playing a game and they can join too. They both spoil Ghazala and Sahil’s face while Chahat and Naveli take our their grudge on Sahil. Chahat stops the kids and then leaves with them and Neel. At night, Bhopu cribs in front of Neel for not being invited to the party but Neel is sitting quiet.

Neel says that he is supposed to arrange one lakh rupees for the fees till tomorrow. Bhopu tells that he is a brilliant chef and can easily get job in a five star hotel. Neel says that he had sworn not to cook but Bhopu says that this is his passion and he should not run away from it. Neel says that he will not break his vow for Chahat as she betrayed him years ago. Chahat overhears this and decides to make Neel follow his passion again. Next morning, when Neel wakes up he finds Chahat standing in front of mirror. He gets shocked seeing her face as it has many marks.

Chahat starts dramatically saying that she might have caught chicken pox, Neel panics and says that the kids should not be affected. Neel wakes the kids and quickly takes them out of the room while Chahat signals them that the plan worked. Neel comes to give her glove but she says that it won’t work when she goes to kitchen. She says that he does not cook anymore so she has to cook for herself for taking medicine.

Neel asks her to stay in room, he goes to kitchen and requests Alka to make something for Chahat as she is sick. Mami stops her from making anything and takes her away. Neel is left alone while Shlok starts fake crying for Chahat to motivate Neel for cooking. Neel is forced to cook and take food for Chahat. The kids come and hug Chahat so he discovers that this was all a plan. The episode ends.

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