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Qurbaan Hua 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Qurbaan Hua 25th May 2021 Written Update: Chahat’s plan to stop Neel’s wedding
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Qurbaan Hua 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Qurbaan Hua The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Ghazala wondering whether Neel will manage to collect one lakh rupees when Agam comes and starts flirting with her. Mami ji sees them and shouts out of shock. Agam starts acting to confuse Mami while Aalekh comes and takes him to his room. Ghazala gets irritated but decides to keep a check on Neel. Neel scolds Chahat for her stupid plan and says that he got worried for her and the kids. Chahat tells him that his talent is cooking and he is very good at it so she wanted him to utilize his talent.

Chahat requests Neel to break his vow of not cooking for his children. She signals Dua, who says that she will become sad if she cannot go to school with Shlok and will not be able to perform well in school. Chahat says that Neel will not let anything happen as he has applied for the job of chef in a hotel. Neel says that he will not work as a chef, he gets a call from a customer who is ready to give him one lakh rupees for an order. Dua and Shlok shut Neel’s mouth so that he cannot refuse and Chahat locks the deal on his behalf.

Neel finally agrees to take this contract which makes everyone happy. Later, he is worried as the ingredients will cost 50 thousand rupees. Shlok and Dua go to him and offer their money but he hugs them and says that he will manage himself. Chahat comes with her jewelery and says that she is lending this to him and he can repay later. Neel refuses to take her money but the kids somehow convince him to accept Chahat’s offer. He takes her bangles and goes, later, Chahat and Bhopu help Neel making the food after all the ingredients are brought.

Neel successfully prepares food and then asks Chahat to ask the contractor to come for taking his order. Chahat calls on the number and hears Ghazala’s voice. Ghazala tells her that Neel’s efforts are going to be wasted as she was the one to place the order and no one is coming to receive it. Chahat feels heartbroken thinking about Neel and goes to confront Ghazala for creating trouble in their lives again and again. Ghazala says that they are responsible for Akram’s death and now she is going to take revenge by snatching their children from them.

Chahat says that Neel and her are not responsible for Akram’s death but Ghazala says that she will destroy their lives. Chahat decides to do something for Neel’s efforts while Mami and Alka praise Neel for his work. Neel says that Chahat forced him to become chef again while Shlok and Dua say that they all made this together as a team. Neel asks Chahat about the client when Ghazala comes there and says that no one is coming for taking the order. Bhopu comes that moment with the client who thanks Neel for completing his work and gives him money for the same.

Ghazala is surprised as this should not have happened but Neel asks someone to take a picture to remind Ghazala that he is very capable. After that Chahat goes to Ghazala and tells that she handled everything at last minute and she has learnt some tricks too. Chahat gives her share of money for fees to Neel when Ghazala comes and says that Chahat was the one who paid for his contract. To prove her claim she makes him call on the client’s number and her phone starts ringing. She says that Chahat made this whole plan as she thinks that Neel cannot handle the children’s expenses. Chahat tries to convince him that the order was not fake but he says that he will find out the truth himself. The episode ends.

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