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Qurbaan Hua 7th July 2021 Written Update Chahat getting nervous with Neel

Qurbaan Hua 7th July 2021 Written Update Chahat getting nervous with Neel

Qurbaan Hua The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.Qurbaan Hua 7th July 2021 Written Update.

The episode starts with Chahat getting nervous with Neel trying to kiss her but realizes that he is sitting on bed. She gets disappointed as he stopped and starts leaving but her dupatta gets stuck. She thinks that Neel is holding it but finds out that it is stuck with bed. She is about to scold Neel when his phone rings, he is informed that a good guy has been found for Naveli. He goes to meet the matchmaker while Chahat wonders what to do now.

Naveli tries to call Bhopu but he keeps on ignoring her calls, she wonders why is he behaving so weird. She starts wondering whether he really likes her or not. Meanwhile Dua looks around for Shlok and asks Alka about him. Alka tells her that Shlok has gone to some school for pandits where they are taught about Bhagawat Gita and morla values. Chahat comes there and Dua asks her why she didn’t send her, Chahat hesitates to tell her that it is only meant for boys. She lies that she didn’t send her because Dua was sick but Dua doesn’t believe her.

Dua says that Chahat didn’t send her because she doesn’t want her to learn all mantras like Shlok. Chahat tells her that she and Shlok are equal for her but Dua says that she doesn’t love her and Ghazala was right about it. Dua says that Chahat is not her mother now onwards and goes away while Chahat is frustrated due to Ghazala’s brainwashing. Ghazala goes to meet Aalekh in prison where she tells him that Naveli is planning to get a divorce. Aalekh is furious while Ghazala tells him that Neel and Chahat are motivating Naveli.

Aalekh says that he won’t let Naveli take advantage of him being in prison and will stop her from getting married again. Meanwhile Chahat takes dinner for Dua but Dua refuses to eat from her hands and leaves. Chahat feels hurt, she hears sound of water from somewhere near and goes to check the bathroom. She finds a water pipe leaking and thinks that if the water spreads too much then Dua can get an asthma attack. She tries to fix it while calls for help, Mami comes there and Chahat requests her to close the water tap for this pipe.

Mami makes some excuse and refuses to help while Chahat feels stuck. Dua comes there and asks Chahat what she is doing but she doesn’t tell her so Dua gets angry and goes to bed. Neel comes around looking for Chahat and finds Dua sleeping while he hears the sound of water and goes to the bathroom. He finds Chahat there struggling to hold the hot water pipe. She asks him to close the tap on the roof so he does and then takes her to room. He asks her what exactly was she doing so she tells him everything, he says that he should tell Dua about this but Chahat stops him.

Chahat says that if Neel says anything right now then Dua will think that he is taking Chahat’s side and will hate him too. She says that Dua will come around eventually while Neel helps drying her hair. She then asks him to go sleep with Dua tonight, he playfully asks her what if he wants to see her in midnight. She asks him to do meditation and sends him away, then she applies balm on her hands. Next morning Chahat plans to make Neel do all work for Dua as she declared that she has no mom.

Chahat hopes that this will make Dua realize that she is not her enemy. She goes inside and hears Dua talking in sleep and begging her to save her from the giant wheel. Chahat feels bad so she lies beside Neel and pats her to make her feel comfortable. Neel wakes up and finds Chahat beside him and gets romantic but Chahat wakes up and asks him what he is up to. He says that he thought she was getting romantic but she hands him over a list of things he has to do for Dua as she is on leave today. Later, Dua asks Chahat to do her hair but she refuses and asks Neel to do it. The episode ends.Qurbaan Hua 7th July 2021 Written Update.

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