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Qurbaan Hua 9th July 2021 Written Update: Ghazala says she will brainwash Dua

Qurbaan Hua 9th July 2021 Written Update: Ghazala says she will brainwash Dua

Qurbaan Hua Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.Qurbaan Hua 9th July 2021 Written Update…..

The episode starts with Aalekh laughing in front of Ghazala talking about spoiling Naveli’s life. Then he says that his real revenge will be complete when he sends Vyas ji to mental asylum. She asks him about his plan so he tells that he has bribed the manger of asylum to prove that Vyas ji is crazy and take him away. He also tells that Neel will be told that Chahat asked to take Vyas ji away and after hearing this he might kick Chahat out.

Ghazala says that once Chahat is kicked out, she will brainwash Dua to such an extent that she will hate her forever. Meanwhile Neel is trying hard to find a good proposal for Naveli when Chahat comes and interrupts him. She makes him sit and starts teaching him how to tie hair properly and then he tries to make her hair for experiment. Dua is passing by and sees them sitting in garden, she overhears Chahat warning Neel against being careless with Dua’s hair. Chahat also tells him how to comfort Dua if he pulls her hair by mistake.

Chahat tells Neel about Dua’s likes and dislikes while Dua feels happy seeing her concern. Mami comes there and tells Dua that Ghazala has called her so she goes to take the call while Mami thinks that Ghazala is going to brainwash Dua and it will be beneficial for her. Dua tells Ghazala that Chahat was teaching Neel how to make her hair which means that she loves her. Ghazala is surprised at this change of heart and reminds her about the giant wheel incident to provoke her. But Dua says that Chahat apologized for that and she loves her so Ghazala cooks up a fake story to prove that Chahat doesn’t love her.

Ghazala tells Dua that in full moon night, a witch appears to the kids whose mothers don’t love her and this will prove whether Chahat loves her or not. At night, Mami makes the pandits wait for the puja and goes to fetch Vyas ji. The pandits are people from asylum who have come to take Vyas ji away at all costs. Mami brings Vyas ji and makes him sit for puja but Chahat objects as he is sick. Mami says that if Vays ji’s mental condition is revealed to everyone then their family will be insulted.

Dua goes to the window to see the moon but she is scared thinking about Ghazala’s story. She sits with Chahat’s photo praying to God for proving her love real else the witch will come and haunt her. She hears the sound of payal and gets scared as no one wears them in the house. She follows the sound while Vyas ji starts reading mantras for the puja. Chahat is shocked as he was so weak few minutes ago and now he is reading mantras. She spots a steroids injection on table and Alka tells her that Mami called some doctor who gave this.

Chahat is worried as steroids could increase Vyas ji’s anxiety. The fake pandit brings a rock, Vyas ji sees it and hallucinates Aalekh hitting him and starts freaking out. Meanwhile Dua goes to balcony and sees a scary figure there. It is Ghazala dressed up as witch who tells Dua that Chahat doesn’t love her. Meanwhile Chahat asks Vyas ji to come to room but Mami says that he will go after finishing the mantras. Vyas ji starts throwing things around while the fake pandits talk among themselves Vyas ji is mad.

The pandits reveal that they are from mental asylum and are here to take Vyas ji as his mental condition is dangerous for people. They grab him as he stars running around the house and tie him to get him under control. Neel comes there and beats them and then asks why are they doing this so they say that Chahat had called them. But Neel doesn’t believe them and kicks them out after which they hear Dua scream. The episode ends.

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