Radha Mohan 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Radha Mohan 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Radha accepting that she loves Mohan. Mohan asks her what is she saying. She tells him that this is a truth that she hid from him till now. She says that she entered this house for his happiness but she fell for him. She adds that she doesn’t know anything about love but he taught her what is love and she realized her love when he saved her from the borehole. Gungun and Tulsi’s spirit smiles hearing Radha.

Radha tells Mohan that she loves him the most in this world. She says that she wants him beside her when she wakes up and when she goes to sleep. She tells him that he is her everything and she loves him so much. Mohan remains silent. She moves towards him and she is about to slip and Mohan saves her.

Radha Mohan 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

She tells him that she just worshipped him when he gave Bhagavat Gita to her but she never thought her worship will turn into love. She says that everything happens for a reason that’s why God made Mohan give Bhagavat Gita to her. They stare at each other. She keeps Bhagavat Gita and Lord Krishna’s idol on the table.

Damini asks Radha to stop it and says that God did not tell her to trap Mohan. Radha tells Damini that she did not trap anyone and the latter doesn’t know what is love. Damini warns her to not blame her. She says that she love Mohan for 12 years. Radha corrects her that the latter is trying to get Mohan for the last 12 years. She claims that her love is selfless.

Damini says that she can die for Mohan. Radha says that she submitted her life to Mohan already. Damini says that she took care of Mohan’s family and business. Radha says that she brought happiness in Mohan’s life again. Damini says that Mohan is her life. Radha says that Mohan is her pride. Mohan asks them to stop talking nonsense.

Damini claims that she treated Radha like a sister but Radha tried to snatch Mohan from her. She says that Radha trapped everyone and included Gungun in her plan. She asks her if the latter is not ashamed of herself. Tulsi’s spirit tells Damini that the latter should be ashamed of herself. Gungun says that Radha did nothing. Kaveri asks how Radha took pheres in an unconscious state because no one held her at that time.

Radha Mohan 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Kadambari thinks that she knows who is behind that. Kaveri notices that Kadambari is about to speak and she takes her inside. Damini says that Radha broke Kadambari’s trust too. Kadambari tells Kaveri that Tulsi’s spirit is behind everything. Kaveri tells Kadambari that they have to put all the blame on Radha because the latter knows what will happen if Damini’s marriage doesn’t happen with Mohan then.

She asks her to choose between Radha’s truth and Mohan’s life. Damini tells Gungun that the latter is a kid so she should not involve in all this. Gungun says that she is a kid, not a fool. Mohan recalls Radha’s confession.

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