RadhaKrishn 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update

RadhaKrishn 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Radha rejoices to look at Krishna’s sketch and his peacock feather. Krishna looks at Radha’s pearl and thinks he couldn’t meet her even after being very near to her, soon he will meet her. Radha thinks she realized that he was present there for real. They both miss each other. Balram notices Krishna’s sadness and decides to cheer him up.

Devi Gauri feels sad seeing Radha and Krishna sad and asks Mahadev to tell Chandradev to turn into half moon so that Radha and Krishna can meet. Mahadev says Krishna would himself have asked Chandradev if he wants to, but he is waiting for the right time.

RadhaKrishn 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update

RadhaKrishn 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update

Balram brings new clothes and jewelry to Krishna and asks him to get ready to meet Radha. Krisha emotionally hugs him and says still there is time to meet Radha. Balram asks if he will not meet Radha on half-moon night. Krishna says if Radha wishes to, he will meet her.

Radha thinks Krishna met her friends first instead of her and determines to not meet him soon. Radha’s friends come to meet her. She refuses to meet them and acts angry. Friends sadly wait for her. Kirtida notices them and says she is sure they will convince Radha for sure. Friends say Radha is angry this time.

Balram and Krishna hear the veena sound and go out to check. They notice musical instruments on the lawn. Yashoda asks Kanha if he brought these musical instruments. Kanha refuses. Nand walks in playing vena. Kanha asks when he started playing veena. Nand says since Kanha started playing bansuri.

Yashoda laughs seeing Nand trying to learn music. Nand reveals that his friend was setting up a music shop at mela and when he fell ill, he promised his friend to handle his shop. Yashoda says he did right. Kanha says Nand need not worry as he and Balram will handle the music shop.

Kirtida and Radha’s friend search for Radha and don’t find her in the room. Vrishbhan joins him. They all reach the lake shore where they find Radha painting pots. Vrishbhan tries to cheer her up by offering her laddus. Radha says she doesn’t want to eat laddus. Vrishbhan says even he will not have it then.

Radha tries laddu. Vrishbhan says her friends prepared it. Radha gets angry. Vrishbhan says her friends are trying to reconcile differences between them, so even she should forgive them and reconcile. Radha says they should do something to please her or else she will not talk to them.

RadhaKrishn 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update

Krishna and Balram set up their musical instrument shop. Radha’s friends head to the fair to buy something for Radha to please her. Krishna disguises Balram. Radha’s friends walk to him and say they want to buy some musical instruments for their friend, but don’t have much money.

Balram refuses to help, but Krishna signals him. Balram offers them bansuri. Friends ask him to come in the evening and teach them to play bansuri with their friends. Balram agrees. Kanha thanked Balram for his help.