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RadhaKrishn 6th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Srinivas Helps Shankar

RadhaKrishn 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update
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RadhaKrishn 6th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Srinivas Helps Shankar

RadhaKrishn 6th August 2022 Written Update

Bhargavi breaks down when Aayi tricks her and rejects Gauri and Shankar’s alliance and asks Narayan if her love for Srinivas is not true. Devi Gauri asks Mahadev why don’t he or Srinivas listen to Bhargavi’s plea. Mahadev says he cannot do anything. Devi Gauri asks if Srinivas will be silent even when Gauri and Shankar are named after her and Mahadev’s names. Srinivas says no and he is helpless as the right time hasn’t come and seeks help from Mahadev. Mahadev says he knows what to do.

Shankar cries recalling Aayi’s bitter words and challenge. He thinks he doesn’t have any job or wealth to marry Gauri and asks Mahadev if he will listen to his devotee or not. Mahadev disguised as a saint emerges in front of him. Shankar says even Mahadev is not listening to him. Mahadev asks how it is possible, he sees it’s time for Shankar to become rich. Shankar asks not to joke with him. Mahadev says he is not joking but just reading his future. Shankar says when Mahadev doesn’t listen to him, how will he trust anyone? Mahadev says he is a saint with immense powers as he is Narayan’s devotee. Shankar asks how will he get wealth. Mahadev says he will get wealth in a south direction and walks away from there. Shankar thinks he was a weird brahmin, let him at least test his words.

Vasu with his team walks in the jungle looking at the map. Bhrigu and Govindraj follow him hiding. Vasu senses someone following him and tells Bala that he needs to mislead whoever is following him. He notices Shankar coming and says he is searching for a missing woman from his village who is very beautiful, innocent, etc., whose name is Bhargavi. Shankar says he met Bhargavi who tried to help her. Vasu asks where. Shankar says why would he, he will inform only if he is the one whom Bhargavi considers as a husband. Vasu acts and says he is the one and is worried for Bhargavi. Shankar reveals that Bhargavi is staying in Karveerpur’s temple. Vasu asks him to take them there. Shankar says he can’t accompany them as he needs to earn wealth for his marriage tomorrow.

Mahadev meets Narayan and says he did what Narayan said and asks if his plan to escape from Padmavati as she will not let him go without him accepting her love. Srinivas says he loves only Bhargavi and waiting for a change of Shankar’s fate. Vasu gives wealth to Shankar and hopes he marries his lady love. Shankar says he will take him to Bhargavi. Vasu asks Bala to misguide the ones spying on him and determines to find Bhargavi and punish her.


Bhargavi tells Narayan’s idol that she had sworn to unite Gauri and Shankar, but failed. She questions if her love for Srinivas is impure as villagers say. Srinivas thinks Bhargavi is doubting their love for the first time, he is coming to her for the sake of their love. He takes oath on Agni dev that he will make Bhargavi believe that their love is the most pious in the universe.

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