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Raja Rani 14th June 2021 Written Episode Update

राजा रानी 12 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अद्यतन: संध्या शिवगामी को उपहार
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Raja Rani 14th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Raja Rani The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Sivagami is arranging flowers and complaints that everyons went to tour when newly married couple visited her house. If Valli come to know it then she will lash out at her. Mayil asks her to say where is salt? Sivagami asks her to wait. She hears a car sound and alerts Sivagami everyone came. Sivagami tells her they are not guest to welcome them. Ravi enters inside and enquires Sivagami’s well about? She didn’t give heed to him. Senthil says to Parvathy don’t pretend like tired? Ravi teases Sivagami that she looks like gained weight. Sivagami questions Senthil Is he enjoyed his trip with family? Where is the kanchipuram sarie.

Ravi questions her Is she still angry on him? Sivagami complaints that everyone left from here without saying a word to her. Saravana tells her they wishes to return soon buy stacked in lock down. Ravi questions doesn’t he apologized to her? Sivagami complaints its all Senthil’s plan. Ravi questions Sivagami where is newly married couple? Valarmathi and son in law reaches there. Saravana shared to them what’s actually happened there. Senthil says that he lost many amount in that hotel.

Ravi asks Sivagami to give coffee to him. They places their luggage inside the room and comes back. Sivagami questions Archana Is she drinking coffee? She don’t like to drink it right? How dare she to mention her name? Senthil supports Archana. Sivagami complaints that he is not less. They left from here to escape from her scold? Doesn’t she drink anything in lock down period? Archana tells her that she has no idea its drinks? She drank it thinking it as cool drinks.

Sivagami tells her doesn’t she don’t know to find out the difference between drinks and cool drinks? She talks bad about her on that day. Archana says she said it unknowingly. Sivagami agrees with it and questions her doesn’t it came out from her heart? Sivagami complaints she can’t able to forget it all. What if Valarmathi see it and informs to Valli she will questions her about it?

Archana says that Sakkarai bring that from sweet stall. Sivagami asks her stop blaming others. Saravana supports her too. Senthil tells her that they didn’t went intentionally. Ravi enquires about Sandhya. She informs to her that Sandhya went to meet her friend Anitha. Sandhya tells her that she is trying hard to prove her as a good daughter in law. She has no idea how to mend it all and impress her. Even she Insulted Mani alot. She is disappointed with him though she can’t able to see Mani getting insult. Anitha complaints why is she still behaving like this? Doesn’t she learned to respect the guest yet?

Sandhya is educated it’s not a big deal. Sandhya shares to her its not her problem actually but she hide it from her. She fears that Sandhya won’t respect Saravana. Anitha tells her doesn’t she understands her yet? No one understood her character and talent yet including her husband also? Saravana hears it. Anitha shares she is earning 60 thousands monthly why don’t she work? Sandhya says to her Mani lied here so it’s her responsibility to prove her. Anitha tells her she got married into that family so there is no need of it all. Is anyone proving them to her? Sandhya says to her that she is already confused so stop confusing her.

Anitha says to her even Saravana not understand her yet. He is keeping silence after saw her suffering too. Saravana thinks she is correct Sandhya suffering for him but he didn’t done anything to her. Saravana takes Sandhya from her. Saravana thinks what did Anitha meant? What was that quick decision? Will Sandhya leave from him? He can’t stop her also. Sivagami says to Ravi at least they returned now or else she would have faced hell. Ravi questions her what if she stuck with Valli?

Ravi questions her how did she managed everything alone? Sivagami tells him Sandhya took care of everything. Even She made sure Valarmathi and her husband are happy here. Ravi says it’s surprise to him because Sivagami praising her. Archana thinks that she shouldn’t allow Sivagami to praise Sandhya anymore. Sandhya questions Saravana why did he came back without informing to her? He is not reacting to anything she doubts what happened to him? Sandhya tells him her sarie stacked in wheel. She asks him to stop it. Saravana helps her to remove it. He tells her that he lost in some other thoughts that’s why he didn’t noticed her. Sandhya tells him that she knew it.

Sandhya enquires him there is no problem in house right? He nods. Saravana gifts something to Sandhya. She admires it and thank him. Sandhya thinks Saravana cares about her. She will never leave him for anything. Saravana thinks that Sandhya admiring small things too he shouldn’t hurt her anymore. Till he find her happiness don’t leave him he can’t able to live without her.

Episode end.

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