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Raja Rani 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update

राजा रानी 12 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अद्यतन: संध्या शिवगामी को उपहार
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Raja Rani 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Raja Rani The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Ravi tells to Sivagami he is hungry let’s eat something. Archana gets up to arrange everything but Sivagami stops her and informs to her Sandhya will do it. Archana gets irritate to hear it. Senthil shares to his father Paramasivam returned from Kuwait he brought some jewels. He asked Senthil to buy it from him if they likes it? Ravi says to Senthil why don’t he ask to Sivagami about it instead of asking him?

Sivagani shares to Senthil what’s he expecting from her to say in this only Saravana and Senthil are earning in this house so they can buy it if they like it? Sivagami asks Mayil to bring Valarmathi and son in law there. Sivagami complaints Saravana is helping Sandhya she doubts whether Saravana helps her or not? Sandhya deny it. Ravi talking with Valarmathi and son in law happily. They are having family time there.

Archana questions Valarmathi Is she know how to cook? She nods. Valarmathi shares all her husband’s favorite food. Sivagami praises Valarmathi for understanding her husband a lot. Ravi asks Sivagami to say his favorite items. Sandhya is serving food to all. Sivagami stops Sandhya from serving cauliflower to Saravana reasoning he don’t like it. She criticise Sandhya for not learning anything about her husband yet and compares her with Valarmathi. Saravana wishes to save Sandhya so he lies to Sivagami that he hates Cauliflower before but now he starts to like it.

Sivagami questions him when did he start to eat it? Saravana informs to her that all are asking him to give cauliflower pakkoda in his store. He tasted it to know the taste now he started like it. Valarmathi questions Saravana how was his resort trip? He tells her its bore there. Ravi and Sivagami are advising to Valarmathi. Ravi questions her why is in hurry to leave from here? Valarmathi says they already stayed 10 days here.Saravana leaves to check the car.

Sivagami advises to Valarmathi don’t lie to anyone in her in laws house. If she says the truth then that problem will end in one day but if she lies then it will haunt her daily. Valarmathi assures to her. Sivagami indirectly insults Sandhya. Sandhya shares to all that Valarmathi likes to be a anchor. Sivagami advises her to take care of the house. She gives gift and vermilion to them. Saravana brings sweets to them.

Valarmathi says to Sandhya that she never saw anyone like Sandhya and Saravana. They are so understanding couples and not giving up each other. Son in law says to Saravana that he wanna live like him. He shares to Saravana how did Sandhya missed him when her went to resort. She used to be very happy when his call comes.

Power cut in Sivagami’s house. Sandhya leaves to bring lamp and Archana leaves to bring Candles. Saravana gets mesmerises to see Sandy’s under the lamp light. Romantic music plays at the background. Both are staring each other. OSaravana shares to her that Sandhya looks like god’s statue under the lamp light. Sandhya tells him he is lying.

Saravana says to her he is not lying. He takes her near the mirror and asks her to look at the mirror. Both are looking at each other lovingly. Saravana asks Sandhya to see how Beautiful she is?

Power came back. Ravi teases Saravana that statue example is old. Saravana and Sandhya leaves from there. Saravana questions Sandhya why is she staying silent? Sandhya says to him that he was like this I’m morning. She was angry on him but he made her thank him. Sandhya thank him for saving her from Sivagami. Saravana says to her that Sivagami has no intention to scold her in front of all.

She is disappointed because Sandhya don’t know what he likes to eat or not? Sandhya says that she has no idea about his taste because of her he lies to Sivagami. Saravana tells her he really likes the taste of it. He asks her to smell his hand. Sandhya says she don’t get any smell. Saravana says then she got corona. Sandhya accepts she got the smell. He smiles at her.

Episode end.

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