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Raja Rani 17th June 2021 Written Episode Update

राजा रानी 12 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अद्यतन: संध्या शिवगामी को उपहार
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Raja Rani 17th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Raja Rani The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Parvathy is waiting for Vicky she fears someone will see her. Balamurugan comes there and waves his hand at her. He enquires her well about. He questions her why didn’t she attend his call? Parvathy asks him to talk with the family members why is he torturing her and stop mentioning her as Paaru? She says to him clearly that he came to see Sutha not her. He says to her he knew it that she is not the one he came to meet but he falls for her in the first sight. Even he knew Archana lied that house was hers? He don’t like Sutha but Parvathy. He doesn’t care about the lies. Bala asks her to say Is she like him?

He is proposing to her and gives the rose to her. She refuses to accept. Bala forcing her to accept it. Vicky and Sivagami notices it from far. Parvathy wishes to send him from there after take the rose. Archana and Senthil notices Sivagami watching someone they gets shock to see Bala is giving rose to Parvathy. Senthil blames Archana for everything. Archana thinks that her sister life ruined. Vicky notices that Parvathy collected the rose from him. Parvathy gets sad to see Vicky noticed her.

Sivagami reaches to home and starts beating Parvathy. Sandhya stops Sivagami from beating Parvathy.

Saravana and Ravi enquires to her what happened? Sivagami questions Parvathy who is that person? Archana thinks that she is over if she spit out the truth? Sivagami complaints all her kids are betraying her. Sivagami narrates the incident to Saravana. Everyone gets shock to hear it. Saravana questions her Is it true? Sivagami says she witnessed it by herself. She complaints that Ravi is supporting all that’s why all are behaving like this. Sivagami asks Senthil to say what happened? Archana supports Parvathy by saying he may asked address to her she misunderstood.

Sivagami questions her Is she supporting Parvathy also? Sivagami questions her why did he gave flower to her? Senthil and Archana lies to her they didn’t saw anything like that. Sivagami complaints that they are trying to cheat her. Parvathy too joins with them. Sivagami says she saw it clearly. Ravi and Saravana says may she misunderstood. Sivagami says she is confused.

Senthil says to them he brough a new camera. Ravi teases him for buying it when he refuses to spend money for electricity bill. Sivagami questions him why did he spend money for it? Senthil shares to her its corona time his friend sell it to him. He wishes to take photo of the wedding purchasing customers with it. Ravi appreciate his business mind. Senthil and Parvathy has no idea how to open it. Sandhya helps her to start it. Sivagami praises Sandhya for helping them. Parvathy calls to Vicky and tries to convinces him. Vicky lashes out at her for trying to playing with his feelings.

Parvathy narrates the incidents to him. Vicky asks her to say clearly to him she don’t like him. Sandhya notices Saravana and smiles. Sandhya enquires to him why did Senthil brought camera? Saravana says no idea. Sandhya complaints to him her metti is tight. Saravana helps her to remove it. Sandhya and Saravana spends some quality time each other.

Saravana asks her to remove it. Sandhya says Sivagami will create problem. She shows the new metti to him. He helps her to wear it. Saravana questions her what to do with it? Sandhya makes him wear it. Saravana says ladies has some sign as married. Vermilion on hairline and nuptial chain but men’s has nothing. Sandhya says usually they don’t like to reveal their martial status.

Episode end.

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