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Raja Rani 24th May 2021 Written Update

राजा रानी 12 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अद्यतन: संध्या शिवगामी को उपहार
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Raja Rani 24th May 2021 Written Update

Raja Rani The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Saravana is thinking about Sivagami’s strange behaviour. He thinks that Sivagami is not only talking different but behaving strange too. What’s the need to informs about temple matters morning itself after knocking the door? Why didn’t she can inform it yesterday? Sandhya comes out after fresh up. She apologies to Saravana for lashing out at him yesterday. Saravana asks her to stop apologizing to him. She says to him that she shouldn’t have lash out on him for her tension. Saravana says to her that he don’t mind but what’s the need to hide the matters.

sandhya informs to him that she lashed out at him in stress. He informs to her its good but he learnt yesterday that she can able to get angry this much. She apologies to him. He leaves to get fresh up. Sandhya wishes to treat Saravana well as per Sivagami wish. Sandhya notices Janani’s gift and wishes to join coin in her nuptial chain. Sivagami calls her so she places the nuptial chain down and goes out. Archana doubts why is she running out like this?

Archana notices Sandhya’s nuptial chain there. She thinks Sivagami gonna lashes out at sandhya if she comes to know it. She thinks that Sandhya tried to threaten her right now she gonna show hell to her. Something gonna burst out here. She hides the nuptial chain. Sivagami questions Ravi where is the mask? He deny it. Sivagami complaints that she smells the snacks smell in it. Doesn’t he wored it? Government announced that people shouldn’t wear the same mask after two days. Then how could he wear others mask?

Sivagami complaints that he has no sense after he reading the newspaper. Sandhya comes there and enquires Sivagami why did she called her? Mayil gives tea to Ravi and Saravana too. Sivagami asks Archana to prepare tea to all. Sivagami asks Adhi to come back early in evening to attend temple function. Sandhya questions Mayil Is she notices Vermilion in her room? Sivagami scolds Sandhya for being careless. Archana wishes to reveal the truth soon. Sivagami questions Saravana why did his eyes are reddish? Didn’t he sleep well? She complaints that bed is not good in his room that’s why he is not sleeping well.

Sivagami complaints that none believe her so she takes everyone inside Saravana room. Anitha comes to her house and thinks she came here without informing to Sandhya. She talks with her friend and informs to her she is here to apologise to Sivagami and meet Sandhya. Mayil greets her and doubts how could she send her inside in this situation. Anitha informs to her that she is here to meet Sivagami. Senthil questions Archana what’s going on here?

Sivagami asks them to find the problem in that bed! All says to Sivagami that there is no problem with the bed. Saravana complaints that he doesn’t understand anything. Sivagami asks Sandhya to find out the problem in it. Only she can able to find the truth. Sandhya checks it and informs to her its perfectly fine. Sivagami complaints that bed sheet is perfectly arranged till. Aren’t they married couple then why did its being like this? Sivagami reveals to Ravi that she arranged it yesterday but it’s still looking the same.

It’s mean that both didn’t started their life as husband and wife yet. Sivagami questions Sandhya why did mat is here? She complaints that she didn’t trusted Archana too? Archana complaints that Sandhya nuptial chain is missing in her neck too. Sivagami lashes out at her for removing the nuptial chain. Sivagami asks her to leave from this house if she can’t able to wear the nuptial chain. She makes Saravana life is a joke. Sandhya pleads Sivagami to believe her.

Episode end.

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