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Raja Rani 25th May 2021 Written Update

राजा रानी 12 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अद्यतन: संध्या शिवगामी को उपहार
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Raja Rani 25th May 2021 Written Update

Raja Rani The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Sivagami complaints that everything is fun to Sandhya here. She questions her where is her nuptial chain? Sivagami demands to see the nuptial chain now. Sandhya starts searching for it. Archana throws the nuptial chain on waste. Sandhya informs to Sivagami that she placed the nuptial chain on table and left to see her out but it’s not there. Sivagami questions her where did it went? Who will take her things from here.

Sivagami asks Sandhya to find out the nuptial chain in five minutes. Saravana asks her to search it carefully. Sivagami noticed the nuptial chain on floor near by waste. Everyone gets shock to see it. Sivagami questions her why did she throw it here? Sivagami starts crying thinking about Saravana’s life. Saravana asks her to be calm down.

Sandhya says to Sivagami that she tied the coin in nuptial chain and went out to meet Sivagami. She has no idea how did it went there? Sivagami is lashing out at Sandhya and Archana is pouring oil in the burning fire. Sivagami blames her that she threw it on waste. Sandhya informs to Sivagami that she will talk with her in private she will answer to our all questions. Ravi supports Sandhya.

Sivagami teases her and complaints she even made Saravana lied to her. She only needs truth her family has no idea what’s truth. Sivagami questions Saravana why did he lied to her? Senthil provokes her that Saravana changed a lot.

Sivagami questions Saravana why did he changed? Why is he behind here? She has attitude because she is a educated one. Sandhya informs to her that she is respecting Saravana a lot. Sivagami question her then why didn’t she accepted him as her husband? It’s all depends on heart. She can’t able to accept him because she is educated one. Sandhya deny it. Saravana says to her that she is not like that. Sivagami asks Sandhya to promise her that she will accept Saravana whole heart and lead a life with her. Archana questions Sandhya doesn’t Saravana her husband then why did she hesitating to promise to her? Sivagami complaints that they can understand it but not Saravana. He is not listening to her that Sandhya has no feelings for him. Saravana asks Sivagami to answer him honestly.

Sandhya is a educated one, looking beautiful and talented one too. Why didn’t she went to America after her brother called her? Why should she stay here to win the condition of her? Is she ever hurt anyone in this house? Is she ever give up anyone side? She took the blame for others and living here? If Sandhya do any mistake how will she think that he will support her? Because he is her son. Sivagami questions her then why didn’t she accepted him as her husband yet?

Ravi tries to stop Sivagami but Saravana deny it. Saravana questions Sivagami Is she thinking only physical relationship is good life. According to him loving each other and taking stand for each other is a good life. He believes that both are good husband and wife here. Ravi supports Saravana and advises him. Senthil is thinking about the incident. He feels that Sivagami talked a lot but he is happy for Sandhya’s state. Senthil thinks why didn’t she think about Archana yet? Archana comes there and shares her happpiness with him. She is feeling so happy for Sandhya got scold from Sivagami.

Senthil supports Sandhya and Saravana reasoning Sivagami shouldn’t poke her head in husband and wife matters. Archana blames that he shouldn’t support them. May be Saravana and Sandhya are pretending like husband and wife. Senthil complaints that Archana don’t love him at all. She deny it and informs to him she loves him to the core.

Sandhya is crying thinking about the incident. Saravana apologies to Sandhya for Sivagami. Sandhya informs to him its all her mistake. She didn’t throw it on waste. She tries to explain Saravana everything but he says to her no need to explain it to her. He believes her. Sandhya says to him that Sivagami is not ready to listen her at all. Sandhya shares her grief with Saravana. She informs to him that she is ashamed of this. How will she face others? Sandhya questions Saravana Is he thinking that she will cheat him like Sivagami said? Saravana informs to her he is unlike her he didn’t care about it all. Love is matter to him.

Episode end.

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