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Raja Rani 26th May 2021 Written Update

राजा रानी 12 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अद्यतन: संध्या शिवगामी को उपहार
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Raja Rani 26th May 2021 Written Update

Raja Rani The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Saravana says to Sandhya that he didn’t expected his mom will react like this out of the blue. Sandhya informs to him that she never minded Sivagami’s words when ever she scolds because he considered her as elder person talking in anger. But today she went over board. It’s their privacy how could she open it in front of everyone. It’s very hard to her to accept it. Its hurting her a lot. Saravana says to her she is suffering daily here if she wish to go with her brother then he won’t stop her.

Her happiness is matter to him. Sandhya shocks to hear it and stares her nuptial chain. Ravi complaints to Sivagami that she made this house mess. Sivagami questions him what did she wrong? Ravi complaints that he had no idea this is what running in her mind of he has any idea then he would have stopped her. He advised to her that she shouldn’t have opened this matter in front of all. It’s their privacy may be they are elders but they don’t have rights to poke their head in married couples privacy. Sivagami says to him that he is not understanding her at all. Ravi says to her she is making others look down on her character. Sivagami says to him she is not interested to talk with him about it.

Sivagami says that she is having hip pain. Ravi says to her he will take her to hospital but she deny it reasoning he don’t know to read the prescription. She tells him that Sandhya will accompany her. Ravi teases her that she needs Sandhya for this. Mayil brings Sandhya there. Sivagami asks Sandhya to take her to hospital. Sandhya nods with her. Both Sandhya and Sivagami reaches to hospital. Receptionist asks them to take token. Sivagami questions Sandhya what’s the need of it? Sandhya explains to her its to avoid the confusion. Sivagami enters inside the doctor’s room leaving Sandhya behind. Later Nurse called her in. Sandhya enquires to doctor about Sivagami’s health but she informs to her she is alright but Sivagami took Sandhya here to check Sandhya.

Doctor questions Sandhya Is she postpone pregnancy or she has any problems in giving birth to child? Sandhya feels like her heart break she nods negatively and leaves from there. Sivagami stops her and lashes out at Sandhya for leaving without manners. Sandhya informs to Sivgami she is sorry for that but she felt ashamed to see this all. What’s the need to bring her here? Sivagami blames her has educated attittude that’s why she is not accepting her son. She asks Sandhya to stop ruining Saravanan happiness and leave her son soon.

Sakkarai teases Saravana. Sandhya comes there and starts crying thinking about the incident. Saravana enquires her what happened Is his mom alright? Sandhya assures to him Sivagami is doing well. Don’t ask anything more to her just leave her alone. Saravana thinks something big happened let’s keep patience without disturb her. Sakkarai starts blowing the bubbles there. Seeing it Sandhya starts smile and plays with it happily along with Saravana. Archana notices this and wishes to inform this to Sivagami later she changes her mind thinking Sandhya will reveal the truth to Sivagami about her. Sandhya thank Sakkarai for making her mood happy. Saravana informs to Sandhya about the temple rituals. Sandhya excited to watch it all.

Sivagami is giving works to Mayil. Sandhya brings her Arathi plate there Sivagami stops her and thinks she has no rights to participate in this pooja. Those who not living happily with husband are not allowed to do this pooja. Archana brings her arathi plate there. Sivagami informs to her only Archana allowed to give the arathi plate to god. Archana feels happy to hear it and smirks at Sandhya.

Episode end.

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