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Raja Rani 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update

राजा रानी 12 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अद्यतन: संध्या शिवगामी को उपहार
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Raja Rani 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Raja Rani The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Sivagami family is waiting outside to worship the god. Neighbors says to Sivagami that they are talking about her these many times. They praises Sandhya and Saravanan jodi. Sivagami teases her. Neighbours says to her don’t talk like this they needs each other help always. Sandhya and Saravana comes there. Neighbors asks Sivagami to take dhrishti from them. Archana complaints that Sandhya cams here after she said that much. She pretends like nothing happened there. Sivagami asks her to quite. God statue comes there everyone stares worshiping it. Priest gives the Prasad to all. Sivagami questions Sandhya doesn’t she has shame to come here and do the Pooja after happened this much? Sandhya questions her back why should she ashamed of it? Sivagami discussed about Sandhya’s privacy in front of two gents it’s not shameful thing then that. Sivagami questions her Is she know whom she is taking with?

Sandhya nods. Sivagami questions her what spell she cast on Saravana he is behind her always? Sandhya says to her its not magic but she Upbringed him well. He knows the value of relationship. Sandhya says to Sivagami that she will prove to her that she is a good daughter in law of her. She will make her say in front of all Sandhya is a best daughter in law. She will never leave Saravana or this family because she know the value of relatives.

Senthil gives turmeric to Archana there. He questions her why did she asked him to buy it? She informs to him may be it’s for function. Archana says to him that after this much happened also Sandhya is dare to face Sivagami because Saravana is giving support to her. Senthil says that she is dragging her words. Sivagami calls Archana. Sivagami questions her Is she arranged everything to take arathi of couple. Sivagami complaints that Adhi is not concentrating on anything after he joined in job. She notices Sandhya comes there.

Valarmathi and her husband reaches there. Everyone goes out to welcome them. Sivagami stops Sandhya to take arathi. Ravi alerts Sivagami that Valli will lashes out at her for stopping Sandhya from taking Arathi. She gives permission to Sandhya. Sandhya takes arathi to Valarmathi. Ravi enquires to Valarmathi how is she? She says to him that Valli asked her about Sandhya. Ravi introduces everyone to Valarmathy’s husband. Sivagami asks Mayil to place bag in Saravanan room.

Ravi questions Sivagami why did she asked Mayil to place luggage there. Sivagami complaints that somehow Saravana is not going to sleep on bed. Archana asks Sandhya to sleep in Parvathy room. Sivagami asks her to stop poking her head in others matters. Archana thinks that Sivagami dislikes whenever she is commenting on Sandhya. Sivagami asks Senthil to treat Valarmathi well if she visit his shop. Sivagami teases Sandhya by saying her MO. taught her how to give respect to mother in law. Ravi complaints that Sandhya took good name from Valli in two days.

Sakkarai informs to Saravana that he gave ordered laddo to the customer. Sakkarai informs to him that tomorrow is temple function. One drunkard man mixed Drinks in Juice. Sakkarai exchanged the cool drinks bottle with other one without his knowledge. Archana stops Sakkarai and snatches the bottle from him. She is fighting with Sakkarai like kid and drinks the cool drinks. Archana starts feeling dizzy.Archana mentions Sivagami name and questions Ravi how did he lived with Sivagami these many years. Sivagami finds out that she was drunk.

Sivagami asks Archana to go and sleep in room. She complaints that Archana is going too much. She asks him to call Senthil. Archana is creating a sc1ene there after drunk. Sivagami is running from there Archana is chasing her. Mayil questions Ravi what’s going on here? Ravi close the door after pushing Sivagami and Archana inside. Anthill reaches there. Archana makes Senthil drinks it too. Senthil slaps Archana. Senthil drinks the rest in bottle. Senthil also creating scene there. Sandhya questions Saravana when will this yellow water throwing function happen? Saravana teases Sandhya for eating paani poori like kid. Saravana feeds to her both spending quality times with each other

Episode end

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