Rajjo 13th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Rajjo 13th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Rajjo entering the room to see Arjun. Humsafar plays in the BG. She becomes emotional at seeing Arjun unconscious. She says that she can’t live without him. She says that she can’t see him in this condition. She holds his hand. She says that she’s angry with herself for challenging him to compete and for not asking him why he is taking so much medicine and why his family is worried about his health.

He apologizes to Arjun. She places his hand on her cheek. She asks Arjun to wake up and scold her. She says that she was angry when he started to call her “Kandi”. She says that she can’t tolerate that he misunderstood her. She says that she told him that her mom was in a coma and she needed money for her treatment, so she wanted to participate in the race.

Rajjo 13th November 2022 Written Episode Update

But Arjun was adamant and prevented her from going to her job. So she got angry with him. She apologizes to him. She says that she won’t be angry with him and asks him to wake up. She says that she won’t say anything, but will just listen to him, to his heart, and not to anyone else. Rajjo places her head on Arjun’s hug and cries. She says that Arjun doesn’t know what he means to her.

She says that she cries after cursing him. She says that she can’t stop behind him as his shadow despite him asking her not to follow. She says that maybe she has got the habit of his scolding or maybe the habit of him. She says that he is the peace that keeps her from disturbing her, yet she doesn’t want to get rid of him, instead, she wants to be his.

Rajjo kisses Arjun’s forehead. Arjun moves his finger. Rajjo cries, hugging Arjun. She asks Arjun to wake up as she’s missing him. Ek Tu Hai Ek Jaan Hai plays in the BG. Arjun gains consciousness. Rajjo becomes happy. She says that he listened to her, and now she will listen to him. She asks Arjun to get well and scolds her. Arjun loses consciousness again. Rajjo hugs Arjun, placing her head on his chest.

Urvashi wakes up and goes to check on Arjun. She becomes angry about seeing Rajjo with Arjun. She’s about to go inside the room. But she receives her parents’ phone. She goes aside to talk. Urvashi’s parents say that the moneylenders are behind them. They threatened to kill them. They ask her to arrange money to repay the debts. Urvashi says that she will do something in the morning as she has a plan. She asks them to disconnect the call now as she’s already angry.

The morning, Rajjo wakes up. She receives a message asking her to come immediately to take part in the Diwali race. Rajjo is in a dilemma. She says that she has to participate in the race to win money to pay for her mom’s treatment, but she refuses to leave Arjun alone. She wonders what to do. She holds Arjun’s hand and asks Arjun to give her a sign that she can go to participate in the race and returns to him soon. She puts back his hand. His hand touches her phone screen. Rajjo takes it as Arjun’s sign. She thanks Arjun and goes running in the Diwali race.

Rajjo 13th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Rajjo comes out of the room. She doesn’t find Urvashi and wonders where she has gone. She says that she must have seen her with Arjun after waking up and wonders why she didn’t create a scene. Meanwhile, Urvashi meets the bank manager and thanks him for agreeing to break the 30 lakh FD. She collects the file from him and says that she will return it after getting Arjun’s signature.

Kalindi sees them and wonders what Urvashi is doing with their bank manager. Urvashi thinks of getting the sign of Arjun, who is under the effects of the medicine. Chirag asks Rajjo if Urvashi didn’t create a scene seeing her with Arjun. Rajjo says that she was sleeping. Chirag reminds Rajjo that she’s getting late for the race and wishes her luck. Madhu and Jhilmil arrive there. They lash out at Rajjo. Madhu curses Rajjo for losing the race