Rajjo 18th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Rajjo 18th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Arjun, Rajjo, and Chirag watching Urvashi’s new video that the kidnappers sent. In that video, Urvashi says that the kidnappers will kill her if they don’t give ther a ransom and tells the police. She asks them to place the ransom on the old Gomti bridge. She begs Arjun to save her. Chirag and Rajjo are shocked to witness such a filmy scenario of kidnapping in real life.

Arjun decides to go to the location given by Urvashi without telling the police. The police team goes to search the surroundings while Arjun, Rajjo, and Chirag go to the old bride. Meanwhile, after watching the video, Urvashi’s parents beg the Thakurs to save Urvashi. Just then Kalindi receives Chirag’s message.

Rajjo 18th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Kalindi says that they’re going to the bridge where the kidnappers asked them to put in ransom. Madhu and Thakur assure Urvashi’s parents that Arjun will find Urvashi. The Thakurs arrange the money. Kalindi says to Rocky that this search is going interesting as they’re not able to find where the kidnappers hid Urvashi. Rocky says that he doubts whether they will be able to find it.

On the way, Rajjo asks Arjun to drive the car safely. Arjun scolds her. Rajjo says that she is saying this for him as he can get pain and she can’t see him in pain. Chirag asks Rajjo to relax as this road is like that. Rajjo laments about Arjun not understanding that she’s telling this for her betterment and cries.

Arjun sees this through the rear mirror. Arjun says to Chirag that he is worried about Urvashi. He wonders what conditions she is in. Rajjo agrees and says that Urvashi is a pampered child. Arjun starts arguing with Rajjo. Chirag scolds Arjun and defends Rajjo.

Arjun complains that Chirag supports Rajjo nowadays. Chirag says that he understands that he is worried, but he can see that they’re trying what they could. Arjun apologizes to Chirag while Rajjo thanks him. Arjun says that Urvashi did so much for him and for their family. She handled all of them after the accident. She stayed with mom for 24 hours and cared for him. Chirag says that he knows it.

Arjun says that Urvashi has gone through a lot ever since Rajjo entered his life. He regrets hiding a stranger girl in his room on his wedding day and hurting Urvashi. Then Rajjo came on his wedding day to hurt everyone in the family and from that day she was after him and didn’t let him be at peace.

Rajjo says that this time Arjun dragged her with him by holding her hand. Chirag agrees with Rajjo. Arjun says that he can’t forgive himself if anything happens to Urvashi. Chirag assures Arjun that nothing will happen to Urvashi. Rajjo recalls Urvashi’s words and thinks that Urvashi isn’t the way Arjun thinks and he will be hurt the most when he will learn her truth yet she prays for her safety.

Urvashi and Arjun’s parents get ready to leave with the ransom. They ask Pushkar to come along with them taking his gun. Pushkar refuses. He says that if many people go the kidnappers may get scared and shoot Urvashi. Kalindi also asks Pushkar to stay with her. The Thakurs agree. Arjun and Urvashi’s parents leave.

Later they meet Arjun, Chirag, and Rajjo. Madhu asks Arjun if he had his medicine. Rajjo says yes. Madhu scolds Rajjo and says that she asked her son. Arjun asks Madhu to give the ransom. Madhu gives the bag. Arjun asks them all to hide while Arjun goes with the bag which has the ransom.

Rajjo stays ready to help Arjun if he needs her help. Arjun places the bag on the bridge and goes back and hides with his family. They hide and wait for the kidnappers to come and collect the bag. Rajjo notices that Arjun is in pain. She worries about his health. Pushkar is shown driving his car. In the mansion, Kalindi and Rocky go aside. Here, Rajjo cares for Arjun.

Rajjo 18th November 2022 Written Episode Update

She protects Arjun from the sun’s rays. Madhu calls out Arjun. Arjun goes and stands with his family. They see a black color car coming. A man gets out of the car and collects the money. The car leaves without leaving Urvashi. So Rajjo runs after the car. Arjun runs after Rajjo to stop her.

Rajjo jumps and tries to get on the backside of the car, but she falls. Arjun runs to Rajjo and scolds her for trying a filmy stunt. He asks Rajjo to worry about her and stops to worry about Urvashi. Rajjo apologizes to Arjun for not being able to catch the car and faints. Arjun holds her. Madhu fumes in a rage to see this. Later, Arjun scolds Rajjo for risking her life and treats her wound. Rajjo smiles. Sawaar loon plays in the BG.