Rajjo 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Madhu worried about Arjun


Rajjo 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Rajjo telling Madhu and Jhilmil that she has done all the work they have said. She mocks them, asking if she should clean their noses and hears too. Chirag laughs. Just then, Arjun and Urvashi arrive. Arjun asks if they got the parcel of his medicine from America. Jhilmil asks if it was the major dose that he has to take every three months.

Arjun says yes. Chirag says that he tracked the parcel and it was dispatched. Arjun says that then it will arrive today. He thanks Chirag. Madhu says that she is happy that Chirag is taking responsibility. Chirag says that he is responsible for everything from the beginning then, so it’s his responsibility.

Rajjo 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Rajjo 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Arjun asks Madhu not to take out the medicine from the box else it could become dangerous and kill him. Madhu asks Arjun not to talk about death. She says that she will prepare the ice box. Madhu scolds Rajjo for listening to their talk. She asks Rajjo to leave.

Rajjo asks Chirag what Arjun was talking about. Chirag explains to Rajjo. The latter understands that Arjun’s medicine can turn poison if it’s taken out of the ice box. She says that it’s a dangerous medicine. Chirag says that it’s potent too, so it’s costly. It costs around a lakh, which shocks Rajjo. Madhu asks Arjun if he is certain to take part in the race and exhausts himself just to defeat Rajjo.

Arjun is determined to participate in the race to crush Rajjo’s arrogance. Madhu says that she will lock up Rajjo on the day of the race. Arjun says that Rajjo challenged him to win the race. He says that he wants to see her defeated face. Madhu is worried about Arjun’s health. Arjun says that medicine has progressed and there is medicine for people like him to participate in the race. He reassures her that he is fine.

Pushkar visits the Thakurs. He is shocked to see Rajjo and Kalindi talking. Madhu greets him and takes him to talk. Rajjo laments to Kalindi about losing her job. She says that she doesn’t know what happened to Arjun. He doesn’t let her go out. She says that she has to win the race at any cost as she needs money. Kalindi says that Arjun has changed after Karwa Chauth and says that Urvashi must have instigated Arjun against Rajjo.

Rajjo expresses her anger towards Urvashi. Kalindi calms Rajjo down. Kalindi’s dupatta is stuck in her watch. Rajjo helps Kalindi to remove it. Rajjo says that it’s the same couple’s watch that Pushkar gifted her and Chirag. Kalindi says yes. She says that it’s her dad’s gift. Rajjo says that she doesn’t have a dad. They both leave. On their way, they see Rocky. The latter gives Rajjo his shirt, asking her to stitch the shirt’s button. Rajjo notices Rocky wearing the same watch that Kalindi is wearing and gets confused. Yet she silently leaves.

Pushkar and Madhu talk about Arjun competing against Rajjo. Madhu is determined to throw Rajjo out of the house soon. Pushkar asks Madhu about Arjun’s health as he is running after years of his accident. Madhu assures Pushkar that Arjun is fine and he is practicing for the race. Pushkar asks where Kalindi is. Madhu says that she is in her room. Pushkar thinks of asking Kalindi what Rajjo was talking about with her.

Kalindi is going to hold the ice box which has Arjun’s medicine. She sees Rocky and asks why he is ignoring her. She takes him inside her room. She closes the door. She puts the ice box near the table. She drags Rocky close to her and merges her to the door. Pushkar arrives there and opens the door. Kalindi and Rocky stumble. Rocky pushes the ice box mistakenly. Arjun’s medicine falls out of the box. Rocky hides. Pushkar asks Kalindi if she is fine, and what she was doing behind the door.

Rajjo is peeling oranges. Arjun arrives there. Rajjo and Arjun argue. He says that he will become as bad as Rajjo is, to defeat her. He asks to practice well as the competition is going to be difficult. Arjun and Rajjo crush the orange peels mistakenly and the juice goes into their eyes. They start to have eye irritation. There, Kalindi lies to Pushkar. The latter says to Kalindi that she is doing wrong, which shocks Kalindi. He asks Kalindi what Rajjo was talking about with her.

Kalindi says that she was lamenting about the Thakurs giving her a lot of work to do. Kalindi asks Pushkar why he is asking about her. Pushkar says that he is worried about Kalindi. He asks her to stay away from Rajjo as he doesn’t want her relationship with Madhu to get spoiled because of Rajjo.

Kalindi says that Rajjo isn’t her sister, so she is a maid and will treat her like that. Pushkar advises Kalindi to protect her family and relationship with Chirag and says not to do anything that would shame him. Kalindi agrees. Pushkar is about to leave, but Rocky’s phone rings. Kalindi lies again and sends him away.

Rajjo 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Kalindi is shocked to realize that Arjun’s medicine has fallen out of the ice box. She hurriedly puts the medicine back in the ice box. She’s scared that the medicine is damaged. Rocky assures Kalindi that it won’t be damaged and won’t have any side effects.

Rajjo and Arjun are not able to see due to their eye irritation. They argue. They come closer. Arjun’s lips touch Rajjo’s forehead accidentally. Moh Moh ke Dhaage plays in the BG. Arjun and Rajjo share an eye lock. Urvashi sees this. She goes to Arjun. She says to him that she’s having pain in her back and asks him to massage it. Arjun obliges. Arjun takes Urvashi from there while Rajjo sees this sadly.